Transition Bikes Introduces The Carbon Scout

Date Feb 13, 2020

The rollout of 2020 bikes continues apace, with Transition Bikes launching the new Carbon Scout. Billed as a modern take on their classic Bottlerocket, the Scout sports either 140mm or 150mm of travel suspending 27.5" wheels, with room for a water bottle inside the front triangle and a lifetime warranty. Read on after the break for all the details.

Our modern day take on the Bottlerocket, the Scout will awaken your inner child. Manual here, scrub that, skid there, pedal up this. Freedom to boost everything in sight, overshoot every landing without a care, mixed with nose bonking, corner slapping and hooting your way down the trail. Sporty, but just as eager to tackle bigger terrain. The Scout's trail charisma is infectious and will cause you to look at your regular trails through a new perspective. Pedal up and repeat.

The Scout features a full carbon frame made from premium Japanese Toray fiber with a tailored blend of 24T and 30T materials to create the right balance of frame stiffness, strength, and impact toughness. Our unique latex coated EPS molding process allows for sharper frame lines and tighter edge radius control with maximum strength to weight ratio and less wasted material.

The 25% overall progression with a linear rate of change works well with air or coil shocks. The stock 57.5mm shock stroke provides 140mm of rear wheel travel, with the ability to use a 62.5mm stroke shock to get 150mm travel and large usable sag range let you custom tailor your ride.

Dropper posts keep getting longer so we combine short seat tube lengths with mega seatpost insertion to help get your saddle completely out of the way. All complete bikes come with longer travel dropper posts; XS 120mm, SM 150mm, MD 180mm, LG/XL 210mm.

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Scout Geo

▪ Lifetime Warranty and Crash Replacement
▪ Full Carbon Frame (Front Triangle, Rear Triangle And Rocker)
▪ 44mm/56mm Press In Headset▪148mm Boost Dropout Spacing
▪ Stock Rear Travel 140mm With 57.5mm Stroke Shock
▪ Up To 150mm Rear Travel With 62.5mm Stroke Shock
▪ Enduro Max Sealed Bearings With Bearing Shields On Main Pivot
▪ Threaded Bottom Bracket
▪ Molded Rubber Chainstay, Seatstay & Downtube Protection
▪ External Rear Brake Cable Routing
▪ Fully Guided Rear Derailleur Cable Routing In DT And CS
▪ Water Bottle Storage Inside Front Triangle
▪ Accessory Mount On Underside Of Top Tube
▪ 27.5" Tire Clearance Up To 2.6"
▪ 3.20 kg / 7.05 lbs Frame w / Shock, Complete X01 13.79 kg / 30.4 lbs


Transition's NEW Lifetime Warranty

At Transition Bikes we take pride in the quality of our products. Our frames are manufactured for specific uses to withstand the rigors and abuse modern mountain bike trails can dish out. That being said, all frames can break given just the right amount of time, wear, neglect, or misfortune. Transition Bikes is fully committed to keeping you riding and we will do anything we can to keep a Transition Bike underneath you.

All Transition Bike models released 2020 and on are covered for the lifetime of the frame against material defect and manufacturing quality for the original owner. Models released before 2020 fall under the previous warranty. Model year 2018-2019 for 3 years from purchase date. Model year 2017 and older for 2 years from purchased date. Transition Bikes will repair or replace any original purchasers individual frame parts or complete frame at our discretion.

You must register your frame on our site with your serial number and provide proof of purchase to qualify for a warranty. In the event of an issue with your frame Transition Bikes will determine whether it qualifies a ‘Warranty Issue’ or is covered under our ‘Crash Replacement Policy’ (see below for details).

In the event that you have to send back all or part of your frame under warranty, you are responsible for the shipping costs to get it to us and we will pay the return shipping. Our warranty policy does not cover any labor costs, modifications from stock or normal wear-and-tear damage.

In addition to our warranty, all Transition Bikes frames are covered for life under our "Crash Replacement Policy" to the original or second hand owner. If for any reason (and we do mean "any" reason) you should find yourself with a broken or damaged frame, you may send us the broken frame section and we will replace it at a cost well below retail, assuming we have the replacement part available. If we do not have the piece available we will attempt to work out a crash replacement price on a replacement frame set. You are responsible for all shipping costs to get the frame to and from Transition Bikes.


Above is our official stance, since to some degree these things need to be spelled out. But our entire philosophy is based around being a rider-owned company, and we take that seriously. We're well aware that not every circumstance can be accounted for and not every case falls neatly into one of the above categories. Our goal is to leave no rider who supports us without some form of support in return. Please contact us with any questions if you need help to keep your wheels rolling.


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Jerry Willows
2 years, 7 months ago

interested in that fresh trail in Squamish....  Squamish has the best trails!


2 years, 7 months ago

Looks waaaaay more like Seymour to me.


Perry Schebel
2 years, 7 months ago

shush. there's no loamers on seymour.


2 years, 7 months ago

What/where is that rock slab section of trail located? Looks so fun!


2 years, 7 months ago

Why does this have me so excited for the new Sentinel?  That layout in 29 (for my 6'2" size) is probably exactly the ticket for what I'm after, and that price point isn't too brutal to stomach.


2 years, 7 months ago

GX build $5,759.20. CAD on sale right now.

That's a steal


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