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Norco Unveils New 2024 Sight and Optic

Norco Unveils New 2024 Sight and Optic

norco sight and optic duo

Norco Bicycles has unveiled a ground-up redesign for two of their mainstay models. The new Sight and Optic are here.

Since introducing the bike in 2012, Sight has been the go-to for uncompromised All-Mountain performance. It’s shown up at the top of international Enduro podiums, shredded the North Shore, and has become the bike for riders who’re all-in, every time they’re out. With the last generation of Optic that was released in 2019, Norco set a new standard for capability with the fastest, most aggressive trail bike around, and firmly established that suspension travel isn’t the only indicator of how much a bike can handle.

For the new 2024 models, both bikes are set to gain serious ground with the new Virtual Pivot Suspension | High Pivot (VPSHP) platform, an innovation that has been tested to the limits to ensure ultimate performance.


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With 160/150mm of travel, the 2024 Sight takes the best of the Range platform and has tightened it up into a light, pedal friendly, maneuverable, high-pivot package. Whether you’re carving down a steep loam line, dropping in for an enduro stage, or heading off into the backcountry for an all-day epic, this bike performs. With increased rearward axle path, idler, and the innovative VPSHP suspension layout, this new design gives the Sight next level confidence and capability, up or down the mountain.

Sight Carbon

The Sight Carbon is offered in 4 build kits, all of which are available in a full 29 or a mixed wheel setup, in addition to a frame only option.

Sight Aluminum

The Sight Aluminum is offered in 2 build kits, both of which are available in a full 29 or a mixed wheel setup, in addition to a frame only option.



Sight C SE - 12,999 CAD
Sight C1 - 9,999 CAD
Sight C2 - 8,099 CAD
Sight C3 - 6,999 CAD
Sight C - FRAME KIT 5,149 CAD

Sight A1 - 7,899 CAD
Sight A2 - 5,049 CAD
Sight A FRAME KIT - 2,199 CAD

Available through your local Norco Dealer or online at Norco Bicycles


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With 140mm/125mm of travel, the 2024 Optic condenses years of technology from long travel bikes into a lightweight package that’s as ready to tear up climbs as it is tackling challenging descents. The VPSHP suspension layout provides increased rearward axle path and an idler to manage pedal feedback, keeping Optic’s playful roots, while punching above its weight when the trails get rough.

Optic Carbon

The Optic Carbon is offered in 3 build kits, all of which are configured as a full 29 build with the C2 being accessible in a mixed wheel setup, in addition to a frame only option.

Optic Aluminum

The Optic Aluminum is offered in 2 build kits in addition to a frame only option.



Optic C1 - 11,499 CAD
Optic C2 - 8,999 CAD
Optic C3 - 6,799 CAD
Optic C FRAME KIT - 4,999 CAD

Optic A1 - 7,899 CAD
Optic A2 - 5,399 CAD
Optic A FRAME KIT - 2,399 CAD

Available through your local Norco Dealer or online at Norco Bicycles

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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+2 Matt Cusanelli AJ Barlas

Holy hell, I don't think I've seen better alloy frame pricing for bikes of this caliber in a long, long time. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I'd gladly pay the small weight penalty to spec better parts for the money. I also wonder if the weight penalty can be made up with the staggering price difference between the alloy frame and carbon options. Avoiding Transmission, heavy wheels, and heavy cranks seem like easy places to start. 2200 bucks for an alloy frame WITH a vivid ultimate (retails for $1020 CAD) is nuts. Nuts I tell you!

I do wonder about the longevity of the alloy frames. I had a chance to spy a few of these a couple days before release at my LBS. The Alloy models are perhaps the cleanest looking alloy bikes I've ever seen, certainly with more brushing and filing of welds. There's so much material missing I am curious about what will happen with them long-term. HOWEVER, Norco has very quietly updated their 3 or 5 year warranty to a lifetime frame warranty (retroactive to 2014, very cool!) for original owners, and  Norco's recent bikes have been sturdy AF, so I hope my musings are misplaced.


+2 Matt Cusanelli Lu Kz

damn, that's a very tempting price point.


+1 Lu Kz

Agreed. The alloy frame pricing, along with the pricing of the higher end alloy build kits had me grinning while putting this together last night. Along the same lines, the finish of the aluminum frames, even in the close-up photos was cleeaaann, Orbea does a fantastic job of this on their aluminum bikes as well. I'm stoked that more manufacturers are coming out with high spec aluminum bikes. Similar to the likes of Transition, Knolly, and Commencal, being able to get a ride-ready bike for 7500+/- CAD is an excellent value proposition.


+1 Lu Kz

Nice bikes. I agree the alloy versions seem to be a great bargain.

I am currently building a 2023 Optic C from the frame up. I knew the 2024 were coming, but I have absolutely no regrets. I think I prefer the non-HP 2023 Optic to this new version. 

However, this new Sight looks great and would certainly be on my short list if I was looking for a 160/150 bike.



I got out for a 5+ hour ride on my 1st gen optic last weekend and was reminded how much I love that bike for everything outside of the shore and sea to sky corridor, where I don't have the skills or resilience to ride it regularly. The updated suspension design might help it deal with local tech and chunder better, but I'm curious whether it will negatively impact the playful and poppy nature of the original design, which combined with the (L/L/S) geometry to make a pretty unique and fun ride. As far as price point, these really drive home "how far we've come" in less than 5 years: my v1 c2 had essentially the same spec as the v2 c2 (select+ suspension, gx level components) and IIRC the MSRP was half of the updated model's.


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