Just a comment about your prediction re: anti-squat... I agree (although keep in mind I loved my Remedy 29 9.8 for a long time, and Treks have always relied on the ol' "cheater swtich").  A really good example: Look when Malamed and Gauvin raced the Altitude. They ran that thing over shocked both front and rear so it ended up being slighly more travel than the slayer. Why do this? Because the slayer had too much anti-squat  for them.  Lots of people quoted the new slayer as better than the 2017-2019 because iT hAs LeSs AntI sQuAT than the old one, but now they same folks are praising Norcos that don't even come with climb switches? What's going on here?

I think Rocky Mountain is the champion of the versatile, future-prepared platform. Not only can all of them take anglesets, they have a crazy versatile ride-9 (or ride-4 in some cases I guess) settings AND you can even swap shock strokes and eye to eyes on many of the models. I know the BC edition Instinct is what most people think, but look around and you can find examples of people swapping shocks on the previous gen instinct, altitudes, and elements too. Crazy versatile.