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Feb. 28, 2024, 10:47 a.m. -  Lu Kz

Holy hell, I don't think I've seen better alloy frame pricing for bikes of this caliber in a long, long time. Seems like a no-brainer to me. I'd gladly pay the small weight penalty to spec better parts for the money. I also wonder if the weight penalty can be made up with the staggering price difference between the alloy frame and carbon options. Avoiding Transmission, heavy wheels, and heavy cranks seem like easy places to start. 2200 bucks for an alloy frame WITH a vivid ultimate (retails for $1020 CAD) is nuts. Nuts I tell you! I do wonder about the longevity of the alloy frames. I had a chance to spy a few of these a couple days before release at my LBS. The Alloy models are perhaps the cleanest looking alloy bikes I've ever seen, certainly with more brushing and filing of welds. There's so much material missing I am curious about what will happen with them long-term. HOWEVER, Norco has very quietly updated their 3 or 5 year warranty to a lifetime frame warranty (retroactive to 2014, very cool!) for original owners, and  Norco's recent bikes have been sturdy AF, so I hope my musings are misplaced.

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