Stevie Smith
Stevie Smith Memorial Day

Long Live Chainsaw 25/11/1989-10/05/2016

Photos Paris Gore
Video Rob Parkin

First anniversaries often feel like the blink of an eye - but not this one. At least not to me. The hole left by Stevie Smith's passing is so vast and all-consuming that it feels like decades. It continues to seem so wrong and unfair that it couldn't have possibly happened when it did, far too soon...

And yet his memory lives on. Riders from all corners of the world have gotten tattoos and lovingly applied stickers to frames. They proudly rev chainsaws in the crowd or even in front of the computer screen, laughing maniacally.  And it seems like every rider on the World Cup has some representation of Steve along every time they race or train. Somehow, in the highly competitive environment of World Cup DH, Stevie was loved universally.

Stevie Smith

Photo - Paris Gore

Think of Stevie on your next ride and push a little deeper, jump a little farther, and enjoy every moment like it's your last.

Rob Parkin's video is one of our favourite ways to remember Stevie.

A clear and satisfying reminder of the mark he left, The Stevie Smith Legacy fund is going strong. The bike park that will bear his name has broken ground and is scheduled to open on August 9th. Jordie Lunn and Darren Berrecloth are heading up the project for their fallen friend. Details on the park can be found here...

There are many ways you can support the fun and support Stevie. We continue to sell #longlivechainsaw and Stevie Smith decals (or get both in a pack of four) as well as Stevie Smith Mudders.

Our friends over at Pinkbike now sell Stevie Smith t-shirts, Enduro Officials has some cool socks and Momentum has a sweet chainsaw watch.

Don't forget to raise a glass post ride in memory of Stevie! 


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+2 natbrown Pete Roggeman

Also important to mention that Devinci is doubling any donations to Stevie's legacy fund for the next 30 days. If you're compelled to donate, there's never been a better time:




'nuff said.....



That video hits me right in the feels... .#longlivechainsaw



Such an awesome guy for MTB. What a contribution he made to our culture, and an example for us all. We are so lucky for what he gave us.


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