GT Factory Racing Says Goodbye to a Few Friends

Video GT Bicycles
Date Dec 14, 2017

With 2017 now winding down to a close we're going to see more news of World Cup teams new riders and those that they've said goodbye to. There were some hints of Brook moving on from GT via his Instagram of late, with the odd follower questioning if he was moving on, but it was still very presumptuous, at least until now. Who will take his place on the team and where is he going? 

Will Anneke continue to compete on the EWS with a new team or does she have other plans in store? Will Sam Dale be racing the World Cups in 2018 or will he join his longtime friend Josh Bryceland and become more involved with the 50:01 crew? We take it that from this announcement the one and only Wyn Masters will continue on with the GT team, and we're guessing with more EWS events in his future…

From GT: 

A quick clip of our favourite times together over the past two years as we say farewell to Brook MacDonald, Anneke Beerten, Sam Dale, Jackson Frew and Ely Woody. Thanks for showing us what it really means to shred and be the life of the party. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the races!

"2016 and 2017 are two years that will be added to the legendary logbook of ‘Team GT’. 

GT Factory Racing 1.0 represented what we all like most; racing at the highest level in the most beautiful locations around the globe with big smiles on our faces. The team built a relationship that will last a lifetime. And there are too many good stories to wrap up in a few words! 

I truly wish Sambo, Anneke, Brook, Jackson, and Ely a hell of a ride with their next adventures. Thank you all for being part of our crew and for all of the good times. You guys know where to find the good beer and you know there will always be a cold one waiting for you! 


Mark and the entire crew at GT Bicycles."

The GT Factory Racing legacy will continue in 2018...

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