For the Love of Butter: Introducing the Z1 Coil

Coil conversion kits are nothing really new these days, but you'll still hear folks pine for the days when their buttery-smooth Marzocchi coil forks pointed off the front of their bike. Now you can recapture that magic, as Marzocchi have released a coil kit for their *new* Z1 fork. Buy it new from them pre-installed, or drop it in yourself if you're feeling handy. As an added bonus, you can also drop the spring into a Fox 36 Rhythm chassis if you so desire. Catch all the details after the break.

As terrain and riding styles have gotten rowdier and rowdier, and bikes have gotten more and more capable, the need for bomber suspension that feels buttery and bottomless has never been greater. The industry has fondly embraced recent trends towards coil-sprung rear shocks yet none of the major players have stepped forth with a complete coil fork system. Up until now, that is.


Riders have been asking for it, Marzocchi heard the call and has proudly delivered. The new Z1 Coil builds on the legacy of the single crown fork that started the revolution all the way back in the ‘90s – the O.G. Bomber Z1 Coil. The new Bomber Z1 Coil delivers the same no-nonsense, super dependable, great feeling suspension that riders have come to expect from Marzocchi over the years.


Starting with the stout and proven 36mm chassis of the modern-day Bomber Z1, the new Z1 Coil retains the renowned and simple to dial-in Grip damper but swaps out the air spring assembly for the most advanced coil spring system Marzocchi has ever made. At the heart of this new coil system is an ultra-lightweight tempered silicon-chromium steel spring (available in 4 spring rates to suit a wide range of riders); coupled with a noise management system for near silent performance; an integrated air assist for progression and bottom out control; and an external preload adjuster to dial in sag and firmness off the top. Travel can easily be changed in 10mm increments from 150-180mm (depending on wheel size) via included, reconfigurable internal spacers.


All of these features plus an industry-leading 125 hour recommended service interval (for both lower legs and damper), combine to deliver what every rider wants: maximum fun and minimum hassle. With an MSRP of $749 USD, you won’t need a second mortgage to get your mitts on top-shelf suspenders.

What if I already have a new Z1 with an air spring but I would prefer the coil spring, you might be asking? We’ve got you covered! We’re offering coil conversion kits, also in 4 choices of spring rate. $175 United States smackaroos gets you a no holds barred coil conversion kit that was designed by the same team that designed the fork, so you know it’s going to work exactly as intended and not mess with your factory warranty.


Complete coil forks are available now and coil conversion kits will be available in mid-February. And of course we will continue to offer the air-sprung version of the Z1 because as the great E40 once said, "everybody got choices".

There are tons of other nerdy technical details about the new Z1 Coil that we won’t bore you with here, because press releases are already plenty boring as is. That said, if you’re one of those engineer types who wants to know all of that stuff you can find it – and much more – HERE.

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+1 AJ Barlas

Oh I miss my CR66 . Might be just the perfect fork for the next build.



Still have mine hanging on my garage wall. Was one of my favourites for sure. Pure freeride.


+1 AJ Barlas

Just needs hydraulic bottom out....  almost there.



I guess the smashpot costs more for a reason.


+1 mike

I'd like to have a go on one regardless!



Back to the roots!


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