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Braydon Bringhurst: All Ways

Canyon Spectral CF 2024 | Braydon Bringhurst | All Ways

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ALL WAYS is the latest mind-blowing video from Canyon CLLCTV rider Braydon Bringhurst – featuring Canyon´s latest trail toy, the all-new Spectral CF. A project that combines everything we love about Braydon: his creative approach to riding, incredible style, and insane technical skill all merge together in this epic edit. Braydon’s concept for ALL WAYS focused on exploring and showcasing every facet of trail riding. The different terrain, the various trail types, and the numerous ways they can be ridden and interpreted by riders.

From loamy trails and jump lines in the PNW to the rolling hills of Idaho, through to the technical desert terrain of Utah and Arizona, ALL WAYS sets out to prove that limits can be pushed, and a ton of good times can be had on the humble trail bike. Whatever trails are on your doorstep, and however you choose to ride them, we hope this edit inspires you to get out and ride!

Braydon is riding the newly released Canyon Spectral CF for this edit – our latest all-round trail-taming machine - showing that one bike really can handle it all.

Matt Cusanelli

Height - 6'/183cm (mostly legs)

Weight - 155lbs/77kg

Inseam - 34"/86cm

Ape Index - The Original Slinky™

Age - 22

Bar Width - 780mm

Preferred Reach - 485-500mm

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+4 Pete Roggeman Matt Cusanelli itsky21 Morgan Heater

That bunny into huge gap/drop at 3:55! The line at 4:18! 

Always one of my favourite riders to watch.


+2 Matt Cusanelli Cam McRae

Normally I think people overuse slow motion / multiple angle replays but wow, I would have liked to see that 3:55 line for more than half a second!


+2 itsky21 Cam McRae

Such a well rounded rider. Great edit.



I loved that pop at 4:12. He made that gap look way smaller than it actually was.


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