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Weekend Warmup #171

LOST IN CHILE | Feat. Andreu Lacondeguy

From Commencal Bikes: Finding yourself getting lost in the unknown is what prompted Andreu Lancondeguy to return to Chile in early 2023. A legendary country with mountains and volcanoes that provide limitless contrasts. After months of solo scouting from North to South, Andreu managed to find the best freeride spots, from the Atacama desert to the Araucaria forests in Patagonia.

"Full Circle" Ft. Connor Hallas | Nolan Riding

"Full Circle" is a testament to Connor Hallas' work ethic and grit. Digging in the dark after coaching riders all day? Check. Managing to pull off consistent podiums and top 10s at Enduros in BC? Check. All the while the guy is attending university full time and spending well over half his saddle time coaching others and giving back to his local riding community. Video Liam Morgan

The Perfect Road Doesn't Exi... | Cars With Luke

No talking. No music. Just the sweet sounds of a Porsche GT3 RS ripping up the Oberalp Pass in Switzerland. Yes, there's just a hint of cowbell in there, too.

Tori Wood Shredding in Squamish, BC

NSMB's own Deniz Merdano spends a day riding and digging in Squamish with Tori Wood.
@torrgallore on Instagram
@blackbird_works on Instagram


From Yoann: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the 3rd edition of the Tour de Gnar!
Tour de Gnar is a groupment of riders from around the world, both women and men, taking on the gnarliest features of Sea to Sky, BC, Canada, all in a single day. This 15-hour beast of a journey began at 6 a.m. in Squamish, with the plan to conquer 15 features all the way to Rutherford in Pemberton.
For this year's edition, we had 30 riders, compared to 10 last year and only 2 the year before. More riders means less time for each rider to analyze and safely navigate the features, as for most, it was their first time tackling them all.
Two days of rain leading up to the tour made the terrain extremely slippery, adding an extra element of gnarliness! As you can imagine, this year was a bit of a rodeo, so fasten your seat belts, everyone, and enjoy the show.

Austyn Gillette’s “Know You My Own Way” Globe Skateboarding

From Thrasher Magazine: Austyn puts his whole heart into video parts, blending powerful lines, impeccable form and groundbreaking moves. From the hydrant hit to the finalé, this global tear is top-tier.

Exit Strategy | CHEF

Exit strategy is a collection of experiences shared amongst the CHEF crew throughout the years. A ski video of skiing for skiers, by local skiers.

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