Weekend Warmup #129

Date Mar 25, 2022

Brodie's Legendary 69er

With mixed wheel bikes taking up an ever bigger part of the DH field these days, it's worth taking a look at one of the originators: Paul Brodie's legendary 69er DH prototype.

The Mountain Bike Team Heads to the Ocean Sierra Enduro

In this episode of the Mountain Bike Team, John and Myles head to the Pacific coast of Mexico for the Ocean Sierra Enduro! They are joined by co-worker, Devon Bumstead, and meet up with Transition Bikes’ team member, Johny Salido, for four days of blind racing. The race covered a variety of terrain starting outside of Puerto Vallarta and led them into the high elevations of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in the villages of San Sabastian and Mascota. After three days in those respective areas, the race finished in the coastal mountains of Sayulita, where they concluded with beach views and endless amounts of ceviche.

Into the Gnar Progression Team - A Sketchy Game of B.I.K.E.

Helloooooooo Everyone!! New Into The Gnar Progression Team video is out featuring Reilly!!! Reilly is known for his incredible control on steep and gnarly terrain, he is always really calm and composed. We chose to play the game of B.I.K.E for his episode, it was cold, wet and the trail we decided to ride was spicy on its own so adding the extra spice was pretty tough hahahaha!!

Always Jibbing 3 - Giano Vacca

The jib lord returns. Giano Vacca coming back with his third instalment of jibs, bonks and everything else in between.

The Tightest DH Finishes in History

Downhill mountain bike races can be decided by the smallest of margins, and because every millisecond counts, riders push themselves the limits of their abilities down several kilometers of challenging trails strewn with treacherous rocks and slippery roots. It's not uncommon for races to come down to the wire and for two athletes to be divided by milliseconds. We take a look back at three of the closest races in UCI Downhill World Cup History.

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