Kenny Smith in the Chilean Andes.

Weekend Warmup #118

Kenny Smith Hunts Big Mountain Lines in the Chilean Andes // The Good, The Bad & The Foolhardy (Freehub Magazine)

Freehub's text: Three veteran mountain-bike adventurers—freerider Kenny Smith, photographer Margus Riga and journalist Brice Minnigh—head deep into the Chilean Andes in a multi-day search for singletrack, scree chutes and some elusive, black-powder bowls. Seasoned in the self-styled art of unsupported wilderness bikepacking, the longtime friends adopt a loose expedition plan that leaves plenty of room for spontaneity and shenanigans in a laughter-filled mission that is equal parts Spaghetti Western, The Three Amigos and a twisted Stephen King novel.

How to make a belt sander - with Paul Brodie

Over the course of his career, Paul Brodie has proven adept at designing and making just about anything out of metal, from some of the North Shore scene's first and most lusted after handmade steel frames, to 50s era motorbike intended for the racetrack, his ingenuity knows no bounds. Watch and be amazed as he decides to improve upon the first belt sander he (made (and still uses) from over three decades ago!

From Paul: This is the tale of the two belt sanders, 36 years apart. I really enjoyed making it, and the stainless cage was a real challenge. No sense in copying an old design.

N1no and Frischknecht take on Capoliveri Legend Cup (Internazionali d'Italia series)

You may be thinking the typical XC race these days features flat-ish courses and tame terrain, but the recent Italian Series race on Elba Island looks like a fun loop with a lot of punchy climbs and even a few legit tech sections, including some drops that, on an XC bike, are no joke! With a pace worthy of a race lap, Nino Schurter and Andri Frischknecht show us the course of tomorrow's race at the Elba Island.

2021 Session Prototype (Reece Wilson)

The secret is out. Back around December 2020, Reece was testing a pre-production model of the new high pivot Trek Session. He got Max (Rendall/Sleep Co) to sling together a quick edit of the first couple of rides getting used to the thing.

"Now that's Downhill!" Yep, I agree with you Reece. – A.J.

Welcome Garret Mechem - Commencal USA (COMMENCAL Bicycles & Skis)

Garret Mechem (Obro on Instagram) has been steadily building his presence in the dirt jump world. Hailing from the Santa Cruz area, Garret has spent time around some of the sports great US dirt jump riders, including the McCauls, R-Dog and Semenuk when he's escaping the Canadian winter. He has a ton of style and his bag of tricks continues to grow as well.

Enjoy this very well shot video from Commencal, welcoming Garret to the team.

We're at a pretty pivotal moment in our lives. Before the pandemic is over, consider doing this. – Jake Frew

Before the pandemic is over, consider this. (Jake Frew)

Jake Frew is the young filmmaker behind the 2020 Dialed series for Fox Racing Shox. The series, although challenging to produce, was quite enjoyable despite the lack of racing that happened.

But Jake also has his own YouTube channel and his latest video struck a chord. He shares some interesting thoughts about the pandemic and some helpful reminders for viewers as we strive to move beyond the current global situation and back to some form of normal, however that may look in the future.

Riding Squamish Slabs with Wade Simmons (Jesse Melamed)

Jesse Melamed, Wade Simmons, Jono Lo (aka @trailmole) hit up some of Squamish's most (in)famous slab lines. Looks like it's to be a future episode of Wade's Pick-a-Part series for Race Face, so this is like a behind the scenes. Good banter, great riding, and even a few learning opportunities for all of us. The last slab they hit at the end even looks steep on camera (and there are fixed ropes in place) so it's probably terrifying.

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+1 Pete Roggeman

That belt sander video was amazing.



Dunno. Sounds like these Canucks got the panic pandemic figured out.


Yeah, sure. Millions dead worldwide must all be wrong.



Just putting it out there. Down here in Wa everybody I know gets over it no big deal. Likewise family members in Cali and NY. 

Yeah,  it can be deadly, but as a rule it's not. 

IOW it's not the second coming of the black plague no matter how much the media yaps about it. 



Just because 'everybody you know' gets over it doesn't mean...anything, really. Your nation alone has lost 561,000 people to date and it's far from over. It's galling that people think that because the majority of the dead are older, that those lives are somehow less significant. While I agree that there's a careful balance between economic ruin and the safety of the population, there are a lot of decisions and statements being made that clearly value money over human life, and that is disgusting.



Yeah, anecdotal is anecdotal, but after awhile the koolaide gets old.  

YMMV but I have been around too long to believe the latest media narrative about anything and by this time have talked to too many people who don't have to coaxed into verifying my perception. The virus is real, the panic pandemic i.e. fear flu is uncalled for.

A while ago the CDC told us that it  was 6% that actually died of corona; everybody else had 2 or more co-morbidities. But that got left in the lurch a long time ago. Too much money and clicks to be made from all the fear porn. 

Speaking of which, paying the hospitals down here 13K for a CV diagnosis and 39K if they went on a ventilator when the tsunami they expected didn't  happen, only encouraged them to grasp at diagnosing everything as CV. 

But anyway. The world is going to end in 12 years because Greta and AOC told us.

Because climate change/corona/racism fill in the blank.




I think we're in a private conversation now, but hey, why not?

For sure I'm not advocating blindly believing everything in the media. With that said, a lot of the time, when someone (not you) couches their media skepticism within the words 'mainstream media' I get suspicious...because that's usually followed with 'I did the research' which turns out to be watching a couple of Youtube videos. But whatever the politically charged among us want to believe, the truth is that there are plenty of good media outlets and journalists out there - that vote right or left - you just have to know where to look. And I absolutely believe in reading both sides of the story.

I didn't see the 6% CDC stat you mention, however that still doesn't really matter; whether Covid is the final nail or just the only one, we still have to do what we can to protect those that can't resist it. Our population is unhealthy, co-morbidities are common. So we can play make-believe with science because it's inconvenient or we can listen to what those who dedicate their lives to the subject tell us, and take their damn advice.

And yeah, the healthcare system is fucked, in different ways, on both sides of the border. The less it's tied to profit, the better. 

I wasn't aware Greta only gave us 12 years but I will say that anyone that spends time outside has to see the warning signs - surfers, skiers, riders, hikers, hunters...there's no way not to notice. Weather fluctuates but climate change is definitely killing us and our planet.

Anyway, no matter where you sit, I hope you and yours are healthy and you're getting a chance to ride. We may not see eye to eye but I appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

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