Remy Morton Rocking & Rolling in NZ

Video Commencal

At the end of March, the first round of Crankworx 2019 was held in Rotorua, New Zealand. Joining Commencal in December 2018, Australian rider Remy Morton participated in one of his first competitions wearing his new colours.

We were present at the event and so decided to profit from our stay to better discover the islands and spend a few days riding with Remy himself. For a week, we travelled with him to legendary spots in New Zealand, the Commencal offices in Christchurch and its beautiful Adventure Park, through the hills of Wanaka and Skyline Queenstown.

It was on Rude Rock at Coronet Peak that our journey ended with an epic golden sunrise. In turn, there were magical moments behind the bars of his new Furious, Absolut and Clash from Remy, when we could simply admire his unique style and flow.

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