Multi-Sport Days

Words Hailey Elise
Photos Ollie Jones & Hailey Elise
Date Jan 5, 2015

Last weekend, unable to decide between snow and dirt, we compromised on a multi-sport day. With only thirty minutes separating Whistler from Squamish, biking and skiing in one day is something worth taking advantage of. We started early and headed to Squamish to start the adventure.


A very rainy Sea to Sky as we made our way down HWY99


The recent snowfall covering the forest canopy.


Having thrown the first pedal strokes down the trail it was noticeably green and full of life in the forest for mid December.


Nothing beats pushing those tires around in tacky dirt.


Squamish providing the loose steeps.


Blasting some more loose trails deep in the forest.


The backlit fog which rolled through gave us the chills as we navigated our way down the trail.


Making the most of every line before heading out for some afternoon powder.


No snow in sight as we looked down the valley towards the Howe Sound.


Whistler Peak.


The same views as you see while riding the Top Of The World trail from Whistler Mountain. It was only fair we threw some slashes.


Having a moment thinking about the places to find yourself.


Last turns before calling it a successful day.

Multisport days are very rewarding but far from easy. Every second counts from that first alarm clock until the last light falling behind the peaks. Having short days doesn’t help but you will probably be tucked up in bed shortly after so I wouldn’t worry.


NSMB team riders Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise are masters of getting after it. Do YOU multi-sport?


Jan. 6, 2015, 1:15 p.m. -  Big D

Rock Climb at Lighthouse, Golf at Northlands, skin up to Seymour peak at night


Jan. 6, 2015, 10:24 a.m. -  John Utah

Back when I was single i routinely did multisport days .
My routine was
Whitewater kayak either Capliano River class3 or Lynn Creek class4
Grab the bike or rollerblades
Go snowboarding at night on Cypress
Couple of times I did all four.
Was exhausting vut so worth it.


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