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Updated 7mesh Glidepath Pants

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It seems to me that 7mesh has been tweaking products more frequently in recent years and the Glidepaths that were new in 2021 show some nice refinements. Unlike the Flightpaths I tried last year, with their hook and ladder belt system that seemed to stretch a little during an outing, the Glidepaths have waist cinches that 7mesh says will adjust a whole pant size. They also sport belt loops for those who prefer to keep their pants up like their grandpa did. A belt with some stretch, like those from Arcade would be a comfortable way to apply pressure more evenly and more comfortably. Velocio actually includes an Arcade belt in the purchase of their pants or shorts. Velocio's pants, (which I'd say are more similar to the 250 USD Flightpaths) will set you back 200 USD.

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The cinches on either side of the fly do a nice job of applying even pressure so your pants stay put and, unlike the hook and ladder system found on the Flightpaths, you don't have to undo anything other than the two snaps to drop trou. I find I can generally leave the cinches where they are between rides and I've only had to readjust them the odd time. The double snaps are easy on and off but they add a little security.

Fabric and Feel

I prefer the feel and hang of the Glidepath fabric to that used in the Flightpaths. I hope it's not identical because it doesn't seem like it to me. The make up of the fabrics is almost identical with the FP 86% Nylon, 14% Elastane, while the GP is 85% Nylon, 15% Elastane. Despite that near identical makeup, I find the Glidepath fabric to be a little softer feeling and to show fewer wrinkles. The difference isn't dramatic however but the Glides feel a little more comfy as well. The Flightpaths weighed 20 grams more on my scale as well at 280 grams, and despite that tiny difference, the Glidepaths seem cooler to me.

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Loops for a belt, which would slide over the two waist cinches, for those so inclined.

I pulled in several directions to try and feel a difference in stretch between the two but they were too close to call for me without some sophisticated stretch gauge. Both pants have a DWR finish but don't expect them to protect you from anything worse than a Scotch mist for more than a few minutes.

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I like the blue seen here after a period of only blacks, greys and earth tones from most manufacturers.


One again I'm wearing a size small, despite being 6'/183cm tall and weighing 165 lbs/75kg. I am comfortably a medium in virtually every other apparel brand's gear so keep that in mind if you plan to order online. I prefer the fit of these Glidepaths to the Flightpaths which I found a little baggy for my long skinny legs.

I have easily worn some medium-sized NF trail pads pads under these as well as some slightly chunkier Fox Launch D3O knees which also fit just fine. Articulation is excellent and I can climb comfortably wearing these even with the pads up. Length is excellent for my 33" inseam and there is no bunching at the ankles either. You might find some fabric piled up a little if you have a small waist and shorter legs but I wouldn't expect that to mess with your comfort or your style.

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The wide cuff with an elastic insert is new and it's appreciated. These slide more easily on and off but do a better job of keep out the muck. They aren't tight on my fairly ankles and I'd call the fit pretty much perfect.

Features as listed by 7mesh

  • Hand pockets
  • Two zippered side pockets
  • Internal mesh slip pocket to keep your important items secure
  • Belt loops
  • Low profile locking waist adjusters with full waist adjustment
  • Belt provides 1 full waist size adjustment with patent pending no flip design
  • Zippered fly with 2x 7mesh branded snap closure for a secure fit
  • DWR finish
  • Accommodates knee pads
  • Cuffed hem
  • Reflective details

7mesh glidepath pants 2024 6

7mesh has continued with the 4-pocket strategy; two side zipper pockets that do a nice job of keeping gear from bouncing around. All four are generously-sized and each easily fits my (non-max) iPhone. The rumoured internal mesh sleeve is missing from my pants, which could be a pre-production glitch. The Flightpaths have one* and it prevents things from bouncing around or out - if you happen to forget to zip your pocket.

*And production Glidepaths should as well

In the End

In a week it seems like we went from November to June and I've been wearing the Glidepaths for all of my recent rides, aside from a particularly warm one on Saturday. I think I would have been okay and, more importantly, I would have protected my right calf from being turned into shredded pork. In retrospect these would have been fine considering the temperature.

On the trail these pants provide a little protection, despite being incredibly light feeling, they allow your body to make any shape you'd like (I generally choose potato) and they deal with heat well enough to wear them on warm days in the saddle.

I like these a lot. If we gave stars, I'd give some to these.

7mesh Glidepath Pants

180 USD/220 CAD

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+2 Cam McRae Gabriel Barbosa

A close up shot of Cam's crotch...not what I expected to see whilst munching breakfast and scrolling on my phone...


+1 finbarr

I guess Deniz should get the credit but I'll say you're welcome anyway.


+1 Cam McRae

Care to share any thoughts on those goggles? Am i mistaken those are the purevues we saw at sea otter?



Good eye. I like them a lot actually. Like Leatt's X-Flow, the foam doesn't encircle the goggles completely to  improve venting. The approach is slightly different, with a gap at the temples and from cheekbone to cheekbone. You can actually wear them without a nosepiece. I tried it, since the nosepiece doesn't even touch my nose, but I found it a little distracting having visual giving my peripheral vision access to what is happening between my nose and the rim of the goggles so I put it back on. They are much cooler than a regular goggle and they are no more prone to fogging than a shield with no foam at all. I assumed debris would sneak through the gaps in the bottom but that hasn't been an issue. 

For some reason there is no info about them on the Fox site yet so production stock may not have arrived yet.


+1 Bryce Borlick

Those inseam lengths are crazy. Way too long for me. I’m short at 5’4" but my inseam is 31 from crotch to floor. My waist is 31" actual. I wear a 30x30 Levi’s and they fit perfectly. My old Glidepath are a favourite. The small fits perfectly. A little long is good because a knee pad and flexed leg will pull the cuff up. But not that long. For the price wouldn’t a couple lengths be acceptable? Arc’teryx reduced their SKUs to keep prices down, allegedly, but I can’t get their goretex pants in my size anymore. And while they list a short leg model that rarely seem to stock them. And their prices are scandalous.



I wonder how they would fit a 31" inseam? They are likely better than previously because of the new cuff, but I'd be interested to know the answer to that. 7mesh must have realized the small men's size would have to accommodate different leg lengths.


+1 Andy Eunson

This comment has been removed.


Are those cinches similar to the ones on the Abit shorts?


+1 JVP

I would say they are. I'll have to dig out my Abits for a direct comparison but they function the same.


+1 Carlos Matutes

Yep, those are the same buckles I use. They're obviously competitors, but 7Mesh makes good stuff.



I really like that it’s not black



I love the original, except for the way-too-tight and non-elastic ankle cuffs. Looks like they addressed that!


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