7Mesh Glidepath Shorts Reviewed

Photos Kaz Yamamura

Pocketses my Precious!

When you are rallying for a ride there are things to take care of. I often leave important things to the last minute, so getting out of the house can be a challenge. I’m usually scrambling; last minute texts, unlocking house and car doors, grabbing a bar (or beer) for nourishment, final adjustments to the bike etc. And having useful pockets makes my shitshow a little less shitty.


Size medium were the perfect length for my 6 foot frame. Just past the knee.

Zmesh has done a great job with these stash locations on their Glidepath shorts. The modified slash pockets are nice and deep so nothing falls out and just behind those you’ll find a stealth zipper. These pockets are out of the way and the zipper makes them nice and secure. A nice feature is an elastic sleeve within (both sides) to keep your phone or your keys from bouncing around.


A pocket and a ninja pocket? Then what do you call the sleeve inside the ninja pocket? The Samurai sleeve.

Beyond that the Glidepath is made of a nice light 2-way stretch fabric that weighs almost nothing – and yet they don’t feel insubstantial. A few times this past summer I jumped in a lake wearing these shorts – and they dry faster than a potato chip in the desert.


And there it is. Perfect for your phone, cards or your keys.

You have two options for preventing plumber butt. There are nylon pulls that lock on each hip bone or you can slide a belt into the loops. The pulls were effective but I felt that the tabs looked a little untidy when they were tightened and with the ends hanging down. A small issue for me – particularly because I prefer a belt.


The nylon pulls are effective but I would have preferred a tidier solution. With a belt they clean up nicely.


Here’s an image from the 7Mesh web site. The other photos show a pair fresh out of the dryer – after six months of hard use. Your results may vary.

The best thing about the Glidepath is that they get out of the way so well. They are articulated for pedalling motion and they have never hooked on my saddle.


This is a photo of my ass.


Despite being highly functional, these shorts can pass for civilian garb.

Thus far nothing from the Squamish startup has disappointed me, and these are another hit to add to the list.

7Mesh Glidepath shorts sell for $140 on both sides of border, £89 in the UK, €119,00 in Europe and SFR. ‎149 in Switzerland. You can find them at select bike shops or online at 7Meshinc.com.

Do you like understated styling or do you require more flash?

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Most importantly… was there twat gap with knees on? 😉



Oooph… those are some hideously ugly riding shorts.



They look good on other people



So you're blaming the 'model' for the unflattering appearance of these shorts? 😉



Given that it's Cam ass he's allowed to. He needs to do some more squats to work on his booty. 😉



I don't think squats are going to get him there… If Cam really wants all the extra traction of a Plus sized rear end I think he's going to have to go with new rubber inserts (assuming he has clearance) and run the risk of one cheek going flat if he pushes the thin sidewalls too hard.



I was thinking the same thing.


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