Hey Neighbour – Sterling Lorence

Words - Seb Kemp

“It was Sterling’s ability to to capture the fundamental spirit of the North Shore that set him apart…”

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Hey Neighbour – Will Craig

Words - Seb Kemp

Think the North Shore is hard? Try riding it with a prosthetic arm. Will Craig doesn’t let that hold him back…

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Danny Hart On Mondraker for 2015

Stay On Your Bike Danny!

Watch Danny Hart’s new orbit, around the Mondraker Summum, which seems a tad fast…

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Swiss Livin’ – My Life as a Roadie

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…I was the only Canadian in the office and I was keen to fit in, and there was only one way that was going to happen: I had to become a roadie.”

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Civic Elections 2014: Craig Cameron

Guiding your vote towards friends of MTB

The MTB lobby has become increasingly influential over the last decade on the North Shore. We have info for you about several candidates who support the trails and riders.

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At the Office with Thomas Vanderham and Sterling Lorence

Mining For Nugs

Thomas and Sterl have been shooting together since Thomas was 15. Matt Dennison captures the story…

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Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.37.41 PM

On Track with Curtis Keene Ep. 9

Red Bull's On Track series has been fun to watch all season.

…we’ve been given a pretty good look into Curtis’ psyche, what he’s gone through as the season progressed, and some fairly candid interview footage.

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Red Bull Rampage Photo Recap

Plus Kyle Strait's and Brendog's Finals Runs

Check out this gallery of images from Rampage 2014 – and let’s get back to the positives

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Stevie Smith Interviewed in Vegas

Exclusive NSMB Interview

19 questions with Stevie Smith about injury, recovery, bikes, gaps and bib shorts

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Digger: North Shore History X – Part II

Freeride is Born

What was now being dubbed Freeride had been simmering for nearly a decade. The pot finally boiled over…

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Robin and the Vampires

A Firsthand Account

Cory Leclerc worked as Robin Williams’ stunt double, riding bikes for the film RV…

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Mike Hopkins Talks Big Mountain

North Face Video by The Sherpas

Mike Hopkins talks about some of the parallels between dirt and snow, and shreds his bikes for the camera…

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AP Money Shot: Media Blitz #3

Toby Cowley and Mike Gamble

The last pair of Money Shot contestants vying to join us at Crankworx and Rampage this year…

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Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.01.32 AM

The Mountain Maker

Linden Feniak's Trails

Riley Mcintosh heads over to the Sunshine Coast do some biking with Linden Feniak and talk trails…

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Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 1.48.45 AM

Life in Focus: Mattias Fredriksson

Snapping Bangers in Sweden

Mattias Fredriksson still gets the shot, even in sh*tf*ck conditions…

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