Utah Cliff Thumb'

Jumping Cliffs in Breathtaking Utah

Vincent Tupin and Kyle Jameson Get Vertical

It’s equal parts jaw dropping gaps and scenery as two of the best freeriders in the world journey to the Utah desert.

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Teocalli Ridge Thumb

Nate Hills Sends it on Teocalli Ridge


Hills gets in front of the camera for this Crested Butte, CO. classic line…

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DVO Diamond Long Term Review

Clydesdale Pressure

” I’ve hopped back and forth onto a few different forks in the last couple of months, and I feel like the best thing I can say about it is…”

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Vinny Snow Thumb

No Ride Like a Snow Ride

Leave the Skis at Home

Nico Vink, Vincent Tupin, Vincent Pasquier and Gaëtan Rey show there’s no excuse for putting the bike away once the white stuff drops…

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Barelli Pemby Thumb

Yoann and Finn Iles – Pinned in Pemberton

Good Times in the Greenery

Barelli along with Finn Iles are up for GoPro’s “Line of the Year” award with this run…

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Candide Thovex – Behind The Scenes

Grass Segment

Was Candide Thovex really shredding on grass? Did he actually 360 that road gap? And land in the back of the car…

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Kovarik and Crew Vs. Squamish

High Octane Shredding!

Chris Kovarick with help from Lee Jackson and more give you a fast-forward tour of the some of the fast steep and challenging lines in Squamish…

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Don’t Fall Left

Crumbling Trail

Many exposed trails seem like a novelty rather than single track worthy of our attention – this one however is legit…

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2017 EWS Reg. Begins Jan. 25th

Feeling Lucky?

“Riders who want to race in any of this season’s eight races should make sure they have next Wednesday (January 25th) marked in their diary…”

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Rider: Stephen Matthews |Location: Mount Seymour, BC | Trail: ;]

Do We Need Man-Specific Bikes?

More than just 'Stack it and Black it'?

“It comes down to promoting mountain biking as an inclusive activity that men can also enjoy, initially with other dudes, or supportive women…”

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Polygon Thumb

Escape to Bali with the Polygon Crew

A Tropical Riding Vacation

A week well spent with part of the Polygon UR team in a dream ride destination…

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Bas Keep: Walls

Craziest Thing You'll See Today

Bas Keep says of this lunacy, “this is almost like a new discipline of riding, no one’s really done it before…”

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Ask Uncle Dave – Contractual Obligations

Mailing It In

“I’m a little bit saddened that Specialized Gravity thought that this was the fourth most important piece of information…”

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Cedric Gracia Hightower setup thumb

Santa Cruz Hightower setup with Cedric Gracia

"If you're not fast, at least look good."

Cedric Gracia runs us through his Santa Cruz Hightower and also shares some setup tips and reasoning.

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Anne-Caroline Chausson Joins Commençal

Just for the Kicks

It turns out you just can’t keep a fast rider away from two wheels…

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WTB Ci24 rims w/ White Industries XMR Hubs Reviewed

Stiff, Light and Durable

WTB’s first foray into carbon rims is deep and stiff – and they may not require a second mortgage to pay them off…

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Norco Thumb

Joe Smith & Henry Fitzgerald Jump on Norco for 2017

Blenki's Got New Teammates

It’s some fresh blood and stylish moustaches for Norco Factory Racing’s 2017 team

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Touring Thumb

Touring for Turns

A Splixie Adventure

Just how far are you willing to go for some riding?

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Crested Butte Thumb

Crushing Trail in Crested Butte


Nate Hills digs into the archives for some quality Colorado action…

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A Placebo for the Common Cold

Booze Kung Fu for the Man Flu

“Normally a Negroni – made with Gin, Tequilla, Bourbon, or etc – is a tasty, if a bit sweet, 1:1:1 beverage…”

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Mass Start Thumb

Mass Start Madness in Queenstown

A Fernhill Frenzy

Nothing says “start of summer” like trying to findangle your way past a couple hundred people on the start line…

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Vintage Thumb

Vintage MTB Radness

Kicking it Old School

Round up the gang and dust off the 90s chromoly, because it’s about to get sideways…

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Formula ROR Brakes: Reviewed

Made in Italy

The smooth Italian lines are one attraction of Formula’s ROR brakes, but the ovoid pistons provide more than just an interesting shape…

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Chris Akrigg – As It Lies

Always Charging

Chris Akrigg takes the countryside as it is without building features or altering the terrain – and he twists the throttle the entire time…

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3 Blokes Attempt to Free Fat Bike from Electric Fence


In the style of Benny Hill these three blokes do their best to disentangle a bike from an electric fence while trying in vain not to be zapped…

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Wolftooth GnarWolf Chainguide Review

GnarWolf Guide Plus Fat Paw Grips

“Drops do occur on occasion. In my experience it’s usually at the least desirable times, ie during a race run…”

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Guerrilla Gravity Thumb

The New Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail

A Mid Travel Trail Killer from Colorado

Made in the US of A, the Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail is an all-metal shredding machine…

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Miranda Miller, Finn Iles and Loic Bruni!

MIranda Miller joins Finn Iles and Loic Bruni on the Specialized Gravity roster and Öhlins becomes the suspension partner…

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Syndicate Signs 2 Recruits

Hazed by Peaty

“The Santa Cruz Syndicate goes transcontinental in 2017 with fresh signings of Luca Shaw from the USA, and Loris Vergier of France…”

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Richie Schley POV on Treasure Trail

"Awww I hate skinnies..."

“If you’re talking about Squamish, and want to see not how, but if you stack up, there is a new standard and it’s the Treasure Trail.”

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