2017 Kona Wozo – Triple Tester Review

"This bike was so much fun"

Three testers had the chance to ride Kona’s hardtail fatbike during the snowiest North Shore winter in years – and on good old dirt as well…

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Range Carbon Thumb

Norco 2017 Range Carbon 650b & 29

Now in Two Wheel Sizes

Norco’s 2017 Range Carbon is the latest enduro-focused machine to be equipped with 29er wheels…

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2017 Norco Range 29 9.2 – First Impressions

Aurum Inspired Enduro Racer

The Range 9.1 has 29″ wheels but it’s got a downhillers soul – this Aurum inspired ripper would be right at home in the Whistler Bike Park…

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Boost Thumb

Shimano Trickles Down 11-46, Boost

Wide Range Cassettes and Boost Compatible Hubs

Shimano has quietly updated a number of their product lineups, with SLX 11-speed going to 11-46 and Boost-compatible XT hubs among the announcements.

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167 km/h on MTB: Should I Care?

Ask Uncle Dave

“While it is impressive that he was able to hurtle down 45º slope in Chile at 167 km/h down, I’m stuck wondering a few things…”

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Rate Curves and Sag Explained

How to decode a rate curve chart

Understand more about your mountain bike’s suspension: leverage ratios, progressivity, rate curves and sag.

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X-Fusion Manic Dropper Post

Teardown & First Look

Can X-Fusion change the dropper landscape with their US$200 Manic Post – that seems simple and cheap to service?

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Intense Factory Racing Thumb

Intense Factory Racing is GO

Hazing the Newbies

Nothing says “welcome to the team” like a casual kidnapping and skydive…

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Revolution Bike Park Thumb

50to01 x Revolution Bike Park

The Signature Line

The 50to01 crew have been hard at work dialling in their line at Revolution Bike Park, and it’s almost ready. Almost.

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Line of the Year Thumb

Steve Storey’s GoPro Line of the Year

It's Mountain Bike Time

In the end, there can only be one line of the year…

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Salt Lake City Thumb

Mitch Ropelato Shreds Salt Lake City

Utah's Finest Urban Freeride

Ropelato takes a cue from the early 2000s and brings his skills to the streets…

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Kilimanjaro Thumb

Preview: Danny MacAskill vs. Kilimanjaro

Climbing Through the Clouds

MacAskill attempts to summit and descend the largest mountain in Africa…

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2017 Trek Slash 9.9 Review

THE Enduro Machine?

“This is a ridiculously capable chunder pig that would make a fantastic big hit trail slayer, or ripper enduro race rig…”

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3 Winter Gloves Reviewed

Leatt, Sealskinz and Pearl Izumi

It may be a little late for a winter glove test – but we were waiting for optimal cold and nasty weather – and we were well served by Mother Nature…

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Snoop Watches MTB POV

Jaws Crazy Line

Snoop and friends watch a POV with Jaws in this episode of SnoopaVision “also known as things you won’t see black people doin…” according to Snoop…

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Royal Fest Highlights!

Usual Suspects, Usual Antics

“A 50 acre motocross paradise in the South of France where Nico Vink spent the last couple of years building and perfecting two big jump lines…”

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4 Bikes For Price of 2

1 + 1 = 4

Two wheelsets for one bike is not a new idea to enhance bike value – but how about two very different bikes – 27+ & 29’er – with interchangeable wheels?

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Out of the Box Thumb

Connor Fearon – Out of the Box

Breaking Away From the Usual

“All too often we can get sucked into the same old habits. Same trails, same bike, same everything. Sometimes you’ve got to get out of the box…”

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First Flip Decade on 26

How Is This Possible?

The decade, where the rider rotates around the bike while holding bars, is rarely seen in mountain biking let alone upside down…

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Richie Rude Gets Angry

Casually smashing Strava times in Squamish

“Photos and videos…don’t really do justice to witnessing him riding in person – he’s a warlock on a bike.” Scott Secco

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Flats and Dings Gone?

Helping Gwin Win

Run lower pressure and improve your traction without risking flats or busted and dinged rims? Read on…

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Crankbrothers Highline Dropper : Teardown

Down and Up. Up and Down. Forever!?

“I’m well past the 150hr/yearly service interval and the Crankbrothers Highline dropper post was starting to sound a bit crunchy…”

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Microadventure Thumb

Microadventure on the Emerald Isle

Ireland by Wozo

“Adventure biking doesn’t have to be far away in some exotic corner of the world. It can be found just outside your front door.”

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Rewind Thumb

Shaperideshoot – The Rewind Reel

Watch it Again and Again

You’ll be wanting to mash that rewind button over and over to catch all the action.

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King Kong Thumb

Andreu Lacondeguy Slays King Kong

Making it Look Easy

Lacondeguy is absolutely flat-out on one of the gnarliest trails in all of Utah.

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Italy Snow Adventure Thumb

The Snow Must Go On – Adventures in Italy

Pushing the Weather Window Limit

Thomas “der Professor” Schmitt’s luck runs out in the Tyrol mountains of Northern Italy.

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Chromag Primer 27+ Review

Reviewed in 27.5" Plus version

Going back to a hardtail – even one with progressive geometry like the Primer – required patience. The payoff was well worth it.

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Whitecrow Hubs – Adjust Tire Pressure Remotely

Swap Pressure On The Fly

“Whitecrow’s hub allows you to adjust your air pressure within a range of 15 psi from your handlebar – as often as you like….”

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REvolution Thumb

50to01 Crushing the Freeride Line at Revolution

A Pre-Ride Party with Ratboy and the Gang

There’s nothing like a little quality control riding before the public gets a crack at a new trail…

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World Record Thumb

World Record Autobahn Speeds on a DH Rig

Max Stöckl: Fastest Man on Two Wheels

It takes a lot of chutzpah and the perfect conditions to hit 167.6 km/h on a production bike.

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