Forrest Riesco Tears Up the North Shore

World Cup Shore Riding

Forrest Riesco gets acquainted with some of the burlier lines on Cypress Mountain on the North Shore…

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Danny Hart On Mondraker for 2015

Stay On Your Bike Danny!

Watch Danny Hart’s new orbit, around the Mondraker Summum, which seems a tad fast…

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Norco Sponsors Sam Blenkinsop

New Team Video

Norco Bicycles Sponsors Sam Blenkinsop, Harry Heath, Jack Iles and Magnus Manson…

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Dear Santa: Pete’s List

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…if your elves are busy inventing cool stuff in their shop, I have a special commission for them: a Strava Jamming Device.”

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Weekend Warmup

Luck or Skill Edition

Balancing like that on the edge leaves us scratching our heads. Was it luck, or pure skill?

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Trail Day This Sunday

Win a RockShox Pike

Our final Expresso trail day of the year will be a great one – with lots of prizes and a great lunch…

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Renthal Cockpit

Words - Matthew Lee

A stiff set of lightweight components for the aggressive rider…

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The Wildmen

2:36 of DH lunacy

All thriller no filler: the Parkin bros prove it’s impossible to beat DH racing…

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Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.15.55 PM

How to be a Skier

More Comedy Relief From IFHT

Now that the weather’s turned cold, our thoughts turn to powder days on the slopes…

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Swiss Livin’ – My Life as a Roadie

Words - Pete Roggeman

“…I was the only Canadian in the office and I was keen to fit in, and there was only one way that was going to happen: I had to become a roadie.”

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Reader’s Rides: Balfa BB7

Words - Wayne Parsons

It was crude, heavy, astonishingly grotesque, and absurdly weird looking, but at the time I kinda liked it…

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Hardtails On The Shore

Stay Hard

Watch Steve Mitchell, Dan Skogland and Mitch Forbes smooth out the Shore on their Chromags…

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Dan Danny Loic Nico

POV from Hardline

POV from the top three riders and Nico Vink for some rowdiness…

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Red Bull Hardline 2014

Dan Atherton Uncensored

“If freeride and downhill got into bed Hardline would be their devil child…”

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2015 Lapierre Spicy Team – Long term review

Words - Jon Harris

So why was I riding the Lapierre Spicy Team, a bike with electronic wizardry to control the shock…

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The Last Shred with Chris Johnston

Last Nomad Shred

Fast riding on the sweetest looking loam trail you’ve ever seen…

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Wednesday Nov. 26th @ 8:00 pm

If you’d like to have a say in the future of the trails, parking and the direction of mountain biking on the Shore come on out…

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Team Xprezo at Highland Bike Park

Triple Shred

Multiple lines, transfers and lots of smoothness make this a satisfying watch…

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Music On Mute

Quality riding, quality audio, no music. Sit back and relax.

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Shimano Unzen 4 Hydration Pack

Words - Matthew Lee

Big Blue enters the bag game with a pack aimed squarely at Enduro racers…

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2015 Mavic Drift Winter Shoe Reviewed

Words - Cam McRae

A Gore-Tex equipped winter shoe designed to keep the water and cold at bay…

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Fall Lines with Tom van Steenbergen

Big Bike, Small Bike

BC has an abundance of dirt jump and slope riders who can shred the DH sled… Tom van Steenbergen is no exception.

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Weekend Warmup

Full Hoon Edition

It’s over the top rowdy on all fronts…

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Dear Santa

Check it Twice

I’ve been mostly good. At least I can only remember being good. Some photos have been floating around…

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Ryan Berrecloth on the Shore

Straight Sending It

Ryan Berrecloth teams up with Scott Secco to show us his handiwork on the Shore.

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Diamondback Mission Pro – Long Term Review.

Words - Jon Harris

To Hoon: to engage in loutish, anti-social behaviours, in a car, boat or mountain bike…

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Escape – Mount Rinjani

Jérome Clementz goes Volcano Riding in Indo

“Sometimes a project gets stuck in your mind. It can makes no sense, but you can’t stop thinking about it, until that time comes and you make the dream a reality…”

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Bixbi Run Bike: Reviewed

Small, Light, Fast

“He also really enjoyed blowing his own cheeks up with the pump, asking why his bike doesn’t have a chain, grabbing my chain and wiping it on his face…”

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Loam Cologne

Words - Cam McRae

The best winter riding days may be the better than the rest – and cleaner too…

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This is Peaty: Season 3 Episode 6

The Rat Boy One

Full Moon World Champs, Absinthe, Blue Zebras and other Syndicate Shenaniganing.

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