Norco Factory Racing Breaks Into 2016

Ride action from Lourdes and Cairns

“…here’s Norco Factory Racing having a go. This one’s heavy on ride footage and light on the hijinx, so queue it up if you’re craving a little race footage.”

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10 Mountain Bike Setup Mistakes

What about 11?

Marc Beaumont and Neil Donoghue love their top ten lists – and this one has some solid advice anyone can learn from…

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Uncle Dave Has a Booboo

Ask Uncle Dave

“I hit the ground like a sack of discarded pornography mistakenly shipped to a Salt Lake City Safeway…”

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Michelin Wild Race’R Enduro Rear Tire Review

Built For Speed

Fast rolling tires with aggressive side knobs have become a favourite for enduro racers and even DH types…

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Fairclough and Co: Getting Grippy

From Monsoon to Jungle

Check out the Gstaad-Scott team’s tire choice and reasoning as they fly down the first two world cup tracks…

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Shredding Porcupine Rim

Don't Fall Right

If you haven’t ridden Porcupine Rim in Moab Utah – this will show you why it has to be on your list…

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Giants Thumb

Touring Among Towering Giants

The Adventure Dispatch

“Seeing the world from the seat of my bike is amazing. There’ll be hardships, but it’s worth it no matter what. Even if it’s cold and rainy.”

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Casting Dust Clouds in Chile

Team Jamis Vittoria On the Attack

Things get deep, loose and silty down South…

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Raw DH in the UK

Unhinged on the Big Bike

Plenty of sideways action and smooth jumps in this tasty morsel of downhill action.

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British Pie Thumb

A Slice of British Pie

25 Minutes of UK Excellence

“Combine Josh Bryceland, Phil Atwill, Brendan Fairclough and a bunch of other riders. Add in some wintery British slopes and you’ve got yourself a slice of lunacy…”

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Sending it Across the Pond

Trans-Atlantic Shredding

Matt Jones is equally skilled at ripping both sides of the ocean.

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Melamed Ripping the Shore

Jesse rails our locals on Plus tires

Jesse Melamed heads to the Shore on a Rocky Pipeline to test out Maxxis’ new plus-sized tires.

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TDS Enduro RAW!

The 5th Dirty Sanchez

The fifth running of The Dirty Sanchez Enduro attracted riders like Jerome Clementz, Iago Garay and Nathan Riddle – and lots of carnage…

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Rachel Atherton’s Winning Cairns Run

What 7 Second Victory Looks Like

Rachel’s dominance over the field seems to be growing and her pace here makes that clear…

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Semenuk 4Wheels Sideways

Sliding the Subie

Brandon Semenuk has more fun working than most of us have playing – but we get to enjoy the fruits of his err – labour….

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Cruzfest by Taylor Sage

Lemonade and Ducktape Stuffs

As usual Andreu steals the show but the ballsy riding and burly bails get spread out among the cruzfest crew…

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Whyte Bikes T-130C: First Impressions

Words - Jon Harris

Aggressive geometry and pricing along with distinctive frame details help the Whyte T130c gap the competition…

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12 Year Old Rides Gravitron

Mini Shredder

The name may be an exaggeration considering this is Florida – but this kid makes the most of the gaps and step downs…

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2017 Juliana Joplin

The Joplin comes in two wheel sizes but only one colour – and it’s new from the knobs up…

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X-Fusion Trace HLR – Teardown

Words - Andrew Major

“Many consider X-Fusion the leader when it comes to features and ride quality per dollar…”

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Mick Hannah Pinned at Cairns

A Bronze Medal Blast

Send it with Sick Mick down the DH track at Cairns, and see what it takes to land on the podium.

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Must Ride in Scotland

Bikes or Beat It

“No matter how many times I come here it’s like the first time – it really is an awe-inspiring environment…”

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Greg Minnaar’s Detour

Missing the Cape Epic

Greg Minnaar wakes up a little late for the start of the ABSA Cape Epic – so he takes the scenic singletrack route instead…

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2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy 29 and 27.5 Plus

The Tallboy is Back!

The much-loved Tallboy is back with updated geo and your choice of big wheels or plus wheels…

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The Syndicate Does Cairns

Shenanigans Down Under

Ratboy and Minnaar do a spot of suspension testing, get their nutrition dialled in, and get their colouring on. Oh, and something about a bike race too.

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Should I Bribe My Wife With Cake?

Ask Uncle Dave

“Since then, I’ve been bribing her with cake on increasingly difficult climbing tasks, cleaning them every time…”

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Thinking Out Loud

Dig into Max Horner's Frontal Lobe

“What’s going through your head while you ride? Line choice, a healthy bit of fear, the first sip of that beer…”

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Rémy Métailler Rails Squamish

Incredible Riding

Rémy Métailler is in the process of earning his locals badge – but he rides trails in the Sea To Sky like he was born in Squamish dirt…

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Cairns DH World Cup – Finals Highlights

Thunder From Down Under

Red Bull Bike brings us the highlights video from an intense and emotional weekend of racing in Cairns…

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A-Line to Crabapple with Iago

Ready for May?

Join Nate Hills following Iago Garay as they ride A-Line to Crabapple to Lower A-Line – and count how many times they are in the air…

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