Nine Knights THumb

Suzuki Nine Knights – The Documentary

A Full Pull From Reschenpass

Watch as one of the biggest freeride events in Europe unfolds over 6 action-packed days in Tyrol, Italy…

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Aggy Update Thumb

Aggy’s Rampage Injury Update

The Latest From Agassiz

“On any other day, I wouldn’t have dropped in…”

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30 Mount Seymour Trails Closed

Severed, John Deere, C-Buster

The CMHC has been an absentee landlord for years but suddenly they’ve erected 25 signs telling trail users to stay the hell off some of the best trails on the Shore…

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Light Cycles Thumb

Light Cycles

Tron Comes to MTB

Part 80s sci-fi, part ground-breaking technology, all astoundingly gorgeous.

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Hard Tail Thum

Hard Tail Flavours

Definitely Spicy

How do you choose between two sweet Chromag hard tail bikes? It’s all about the flavour of the moment.

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4 Reasons to run OneUp Shark

A 500% chance of OneUp Sharknado

“In all honesty, I had to chew through my aversion to the marketing behind the new 500% gear range 1x setups…”

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Red Bull Rampage Highlights 2016

Only Bangers!

The competition at Red Bull Rampage this year notched up to the next level with a bundle of runs that would have won in years past…

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2017 UCI MTB World Cup calendar

7 DH stops Plus World Champs

Seven rounds of World Cup DH Racing begin in Lourdes in April and finish in Val Di Sole in August but World Champs return to Australia in September…

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How To Manual

Keep it up

Many people think that manualling is about pulling up on the bars – this little clip dispels that myth and shows you how to use a manual on the trail…

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Say Good-Bye to Press Fit Bottom Brackets?

No More Creaking?

Sane bottom bracket designs that thread into themselves for improved performance and longevity as replacements for press fit bottom brackets…

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Roca Verde Thumb

Raw Riding on Roca Verde

A Little Taste of the Trail

Several years of toil for one of the sweetest trails in BC…

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Dodging Bullets thumb

Dodging Bullets on the Trail

Taking fire on the Trail

“As soon as we realized how close the shots were, we heard at least two zip past just ahead of us seemingly at head level.”

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Mountain Biking Sucks!

Ask Uncle Dave

“Some scoundrel, maybe even the Industry, had taken that rock and skinny filled monstrosity and replaced it with a baby-bottomed smooth “flow trail” that required zero skill to navigate…’

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Danny MacAskill GoPro Day Out

300 Attempts?

It appears as though Danny just rode along and got filmed – but he crashed many times before he got everything right…

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Wolf Tooth: Stainless Rings + Boost Conversions

Steel Teeth!

Tired of replacing narrow wide chainrings? Stainless may be your ticket. And if you have been hanging onto some 135 hubs – you’re in luck…

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Carson Storch’s Epic 3rd Place Run POV

3rd Place

Carson Storch exceeded expectations with his stunning Rampage performance. See Carson’s run through his eyes and from the original broadcast…

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Antoine Bizet’s Double Flip POV

Rampage 2nd Place

See Antoine’s history making 2nd place run from his POV as well as the live footage from the event – both are impressive as hell…

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Curtis Keene Thumb

Curtis Keene’s Rolling Time Machine

A Wayback Playback

Keene gets back to the roots of cycling with a classic rig, and discovers nostalgia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

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Hazard County Thumb

Hanging Loose in Hazard County

Cows for Days

Nate Hills may not have been invited to Rampage, but that can’t stop him from raging his way through Utah.

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Brandon Semenuk’s Winning Run

Rampage 2016

The turbine smooth, big, and of course stylish winning run that everybody spent the day chasing….

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Salmon Run Thumb

Salmon Run, New Zealand Style

No Hip Waders Required

It’s not your typical fish highway…

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Red Bull Rampage Top 3 Runs and Results 2016

No Spoilers

A new venue, fewer riders and no pre-built features made for an interesting day of viewing – marred only by wind and one potential injury…

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Red Bull Foxhunt Thumb

Gee Atherton Guns for Glory at Red Bull Foxhunt

Mass Start Mayhem

Can Gee manage to catch 400 other riders on the way down the course, or will the wily hounds outfox him?

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2016 Rampage Rider List and Info

Rampage is on a Friday for the first time ever and the rider list is set – it all goes off at 9:30 PST – with these 21 riders launching themselves for glory…

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Rampage Thumb

Flight Tests and Final Checks at Red Bull Rampage

The Countdown is On

“This is when it gets scary…”

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Trail Etiquette With Chaz

Rule 1. Be A Dick

“Hey brah, I’m up behind you, I’m on a PR bro, don’t know if you noticed, excuse me bro…”

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2017 Kona Hei Hei Trail DL Carbon – Ridden at Retallack

Small Bike Big Mountains

“I had a couple Code Brown moments, but quickly adapted to the quicker handling of the Hei Hei Trail…”

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The Claw and Tmac Take on Impassable Ridge

No Fall Zone Left And Right

Organizers wanted to fence of ‘the impassable ridge’ at first – but The Claw convinced Tmac and soon they became a team of four sandbaggers…

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Danny MacAskill's Wee Day Out_BTS_Thumb

Danny’s Wee Day Out – Behind the Scenes

Renting a train for the day

Who wouldn’t want a peek behind the curtain? On set with Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out – Behind the Scenes.

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2017 Kona Operator – Ridden at Retallack

Ripping At Retallack

“Two corners into the first trail, I couldn’t help by giggle out loud at how willing the Operator is to dive into corners and power wheelie out…”

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