Ask Uncle Dave – The Wheelie Gene

Words - Dave Tolnai

“Should I give up hope and focus on things I am good at , things that require no innate physical gifts… like beard growing or checkers…”

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OneUp 45 Tooth Sprocket

More Teeth = More Bettah?

OneUp will tell you their 45t cog for Shimano XTR isn’t about a lower granny – it’s about getting more range with only one ring…

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ProGRT: Head Slaps & Bike Squishing

Case Of The Mondays At Port Angeles

Almost the exact same as Sea Otter, this section of trail seemed to get trouble many…

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Hey Neighbour – Steve Mitchell’s Bike Collection

Mountain Bike Nerd Paradise

“He’s drawn to oddities and missteps. He calls them the ‘so bad it’s good’ category; suspension designs that failed, frames that broke, ideas that should have stayed on the drawing table. “

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CruzFest Day 3 – Raw

Vital Raw

More insane amplitude, overshoots and the sickest trains you’ll ever see on moto-sized jumps…

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Brendan Fairclough – Trail Bike Bliss

Brendog's Home Trails

Brendog gets loose on his Scott Genius near where he grew up in the south of England…

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The Future of Marzocchi

Ending Production?

“In recent weeks conflicting information has been surfacing about the future of Marzocchi…”

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Farewell to Winter

A Weekend Warmup Special Edition

Say so long snowbanks and hello sunshine, as we wrap up winter…

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Builder: Trailer #2

Full Length From Scott Secco

Scott Secco has been slaving away for the past year working on his first movie…

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Kovarik on the Intense M16

Beastly Riding

Chris Kovarik creates huge craters in the earth riding the new Intense M16 in SoCal…

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The Palmer Project – Ep. 1

Shaun Palmer as Coach

Five young riders are sent to the badass racing school and Shaun Palmer is the principal…

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e*thirteen Carbon Cranks

Words - Cam McRae

Light and elegant arms and spindles to slim down your DH or AM bike from e*thirteen…

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CruzFest Day 1 – Raw

Vital Raw

Just the usual insanity from the Fest series but with a Santa Cruz vibe added for flavour…

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Destination Trail – Maui

Island Life With Brad and Mitch

Trips don’t always go as planned, but that can be a good thing…

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Don’t Blame The Bike Industry

Are We to Blame?

“Isn’t the bike industry becoming a bit like Apple in all the wrong ways? Changing things just so they are different…”

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Smashy Smashy Casing at Sea Otter

Case Jump Good!

“You not make jump and is like bear crushing skull…”

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Whistler Bike Park Opens May 2nd

Only 11 Days!

It’s official. The Whistler Bike Park will open for the 2015 season two weeks ahead of schedule on Saturday May 2.

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Ask Uncle Dave – Done With Sea Otter

Words - Dave Tolnai

Uncle Dave moves into Team Robot’s territory this week…

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MTB Mom Vs. BMX Mom

This is Weird

MTB Mom rides some of the nastiest stair sections we’ve seen and is then accosted by BMX Mom…

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Lourdes World Cup DH Team Videos

7 Videos from 7 Teams

Team videos from the first stop of the World Cup DH are popping up, get your fix here with these 7 videos.

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Innovation or Industry Scam?

27+ and 29+

When Vernon Felton heard the bike industry was coming out with a new wheel size he wanted to punch someone in the face…

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Pacenti PDent

Words - Pete Roggeman

Pacenti’s dimpled bar concept that allows stem lengths as low as 15mm.

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Weekend Warmup

Mixed Up Edition

It’s all about the unique blends, weird mashups, and enormous flips…

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New 9-42 Tooth Cogset from e-13

This One Goes Down to Nine

How’s that for spreading the accordion?

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Shaun Palmer’s Intense M16

Words - Dave Tolnai

A Shaun Palm show n’ shine – The American Flag Edition 2.0

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Sea Otter 2015: Rocky Mountain Sherpa

Get Out And Explore

Want to cover big miles and get way, way out there? The Sherpa is the bike for the job.

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Logan Peat’s New Santa Cruz Slope Bike

Looks like a... Jackalope?

It’s based loosely on a Jackal, but with 4 inches of travel. It’s not going to be for sale (they say).

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Hope Cranks Tested

Words - Jon Harris

“the  beautiful anodized finish made this retro grouch teary-eyed reminiscing about the 90s…”

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Kurt Sorge Joins Polygon Bikes

Fresh Sponsor and Hucks for 2015

“Kurt’s long time involvement with freeride, as a competitor, builder and organizer, shows his commitment to the sport. We are excited to have his input and expertise…”

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Look Ma! No Hands

Miranda Miller's Road to Recovery

10 months after a massive crash in Scotland, Miller is looking on point once again…

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