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Heading to Nelson and Revy for 10 days. Advice, tips, and critiques needed.

Sept. 9, 2014, 11:24 a.m.
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You guys were very helpful in planning my Western BC trip last summer, so I thought I would try to get some input this year too. I know it's not just down the street, but figured many of you have ridden the areas.

I have a suggestion of the extra day for some riding in the Slocan, but everything else is as written.

copypasta from my mtbr post:

A buddy and I are headed to Spokane on the 20th of September for 10 days of Eastern BC biking. We did 10 days in Western BC last summer and fell in love with the beauty, abundance, design, and gnarliness of BC trails. I think either of us would love to stay permanently, but alas we need an income. Despite being enslaved by the man, we have decided to embark on another epic summer trip.

We will both be on all mountain 150mm and 160mm bikes.

We plan on camping but don't have anything set up due to the fact we like to be flexible and open to change.

Ride Plan:

Day 1
Arrive in Spokane, pick up some supplies, head north and get bikes assembled. Any riding will be close to Rossland and short/shuttled. I would love to sneak in a night ride if anyone local is interested.

Not sure where we are planning on camping, but looking for a free spot to throw down a tent. Might make a reservation at a private campground just to assure a place to sleep.

Day 2
Seven Summits: I have contacted Mountain Shuttles and plan to ride it Sunday the 21st, as we will be short on time the 20th. Head to Nelson for a place to camp. Will check Kokanee Creek and any private campgrounds along the way. Really looking for a free site off of a FSR.

Day 3-4
Nelson!!! I have the guide book, and plan on putting in two 8-10hr days of riding. We will probably take a lunch break each day and then try to hook up with anyone we can meet for an afternoon ride. Hopefully a local will take pity on us. I plan to try and ride everything that we can, sans trails that are for the immortal.

Day 5 Half Nelson Half Revy
Ride for 4 hours on anything that we missed on Days 3-5 and haul ass to Revvy for the afternoon shuttle deal with Matt from Wandering Wheels. Have access to someone's land/yard to throw down a tent. Still looking for that primo spot.

Day 6
Martha Creek DH and Boulder Mtn Area
Will stay in the same spot unless there is a problem or we find a better solution.

Day 7 Frisby Out and Back plus the Frisby DH.
Same deal on camp

Day 8 Keystone Standard Basin to Peak(long version)

Day 9 Hit something we missed on the way back to Spokane

Day 10 Fly home and be very sad for another year.

What we need:

We have the one day as a wild card, but think that it will most likely be spent in Nelson unless one of you fine folks gives me another idea.

Which pubs and restaurants should we hit? Avoid? Anything cool that we should try to see or check out other than trails?

Beta on good, free campsites. PMs are welcomed and info will not be shared. We are used to lots of roadside camping in the US, but we spent a lot of time driving FSr's last summer and didn't find many good spots in the vancouver to pemberton corridor. Is this common for Western BC too?

Thanks in advance and I'll rep where appropriate.

Sept. 9, 2014, 12:16 p.m.
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You can save some driving if you put Martha [HTML_REMOVED] Keystone days close together.

Do you have a shuttle lined up for Martha/Sale? If you want to ride from the top it is a LONG ways up there.

Some pics [HTML_REMOVED] beta from a similar West Kootenay trip that MudPuppy/Pedalhound [HTML_REMOVED] I did a bunch of years ago.

For Forestry Rec Sites, check out:

For camping in Rossland, check out the Lions campsite on the edge of town towards the US border (small $).

At the bottom of Martha Creek is a BC Parks campsite ($) but there is a free FRS a little farther up the highway (I've never stayed at the FRS, just the BC Park campsite).

There is fantastic riding in the Kettle Crest area of Washington between Rossland [HTML_REMOVED] Spokane either on the way up or down, more XCish than AM though.

Sept. 9, 2014, 12:25 p.m.
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instead of half day extra in nelson, maybe hit up something in the slocan valley (new denver-ish) on the way to revy. I'd echo craig too, maybe do keystone first, then martha, then frisby since you'll work north to south then on your way back towards washington

Sept. 9, 2014, 1:10 p.m.
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Thanks for the tips….this is exactly what I was looking for when posting. I'll strongly consider switching the Revy rides around. I have been in contact with Matt, so the shuttles in Revy should be good. I have a friend that has some property in Revy, and supposedly I have a contact to ride with there, but haven't spoken to him yet.

I have already read up on the old trip report and had seen the recommendation on Lions campground. It seems that all reviews aren't as golden, but for Saturday night, it might foot the bill.

Kettle Crest seems to be a good option to hit on the ride up north. thanks a bunch for that one. i'll spend some time researching and planning a quick hit. we tried that with Bellingham last year, and ended up running behind and racing dark. We used our wild card for it on the way home.

One of your members, and a friend, JoeDick suggested hitting up the Slocan, as well. I'll take this second hint and pencil it in for the last day.

someone please rep CraigH for me.:clap:

Sept. 9, 2014, 1:24 p.m.
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I've stayed at the Rossland Lions campsite a few times with no problems.
Place to camp, picnic table, fire pit, bathroom with shower, what more do you want?

The Kettle Crest riding area is huge, something like 200 miles of trails. It is like a less busy version of Seven Summits with more ways up and off the crest trail. There are a bunch of free campsites in the area too, but you'll have to bring your own water as they are basic, but more developed than BC FRS campsites.

Check the Evergreen [HTML_REMOVED] Evergreen East websites for KC trail suggestions.

Check for ride reports [HTML_REMOVED] beta on most of the BC trails you've asked about, he [HTML_REMOVED] Sharon have ridden most of them multiple times.

Are you planning the trip for this year? If so be prepared for cold temps up high, fall is here and it is now freezing at high elevations. (I've already been snowed on during a ride and that was ~5 hours drive North of Vancouver.)

Sept. 10, 2014, 1:12 p.m.
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Yeah, the trip is in a couple of weeks. I realize that some snow has already fallen, so I'll just cross my fingers. Originally planned on late August but work got in the way. Also separated my shoulder and did some hip damage not long ago. The whole trip has been in limbo as I have progressed through some rehab.

I'm leaning toward KC on saturday, but it would have to end in a night ride. I absolutely love night riding, so I'm going to try and convince a local to have a go with us.

I think we are going to stay on the US side for the first night and make a push for seven summits in the AM.

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