Choose Shonky

Choose a steel frame, tapered headtube, adjustable dropouts and a threaded BB. Choose 142 hub spacing, choose gears or single speed. Choose frame only and build it your way or choose a complete build. Choose three piece cranks, a Manitou Circus Expert fork, WTB rims and Maxxis DTH tires. Choose jibbing through the streets, nose bonking, curb cutting, tire slashing and wall riding. Choose traffic dodging, tourist weaving, pedestrian hopping. Choose riding across town to pump tracks, pumping and weaving. Choose finding gaps and new lines. Choose high fives and sharing the stoke. Choose riding from sunrise to sunset. Choose spending time with quality people, investing in good times. Choose life. Choose Shonky.

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+1 Pete Roggeman

The indoor bike park in my area is on its way to reopening after a few years hiatus, probably gonna get one a Shonky when it's time. Gonna be so fun, gonna get so hurt ;-)


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