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Aug. 28, 2023, 9:32 a.m. -  GB

To be honest the article written does not mention what type of materials are used . Such as a spandex / nylon blend. No mention of aramid fiber protection if it does or does not have it .  No mention of triple stitching.  Essentially it states comfortable and last long . How do you know? Is this a long term test ?  Granted most garments have difficulty lasting years or decades .   I would love to hear some readers stories about beloved shorts that have stood the test of time.  Years or decades of service   In my opinion the article does little to convince me these justify the 280 $ price tag .  If someone made a hemp blend material short with triple stitching every seam , built in pockets for knee guards,  aramid protective cloth on hips and ass . Then maybe I would spend 200$ . Oh these shorts are actually made where ? Asia ?  Where are the textiles made ? Asia ?

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