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Sept. 26, 2021, 7:05 p.m. -  Sam Roberts

That's not universal among new riders. I wonder if its more common with people introduced to riding at bike parks? WBP wouldn't have a business if their trails weren't mostly flow, because its progressive in the sense that they are easy to roll down slowly, but can then be ridden harder and faster and with more air as the rider gets better. My 11 year olds are convinced flow trails aren't actually mountain biking (just for the record, I think that's unfair, though funny). When a techy rock roll feature on one of the Fromme trails that they were working towards being able to clean got buried in "gold" recently, erasing it, it triggered a rant that they'd stop riding if the only thing left was smooth dirt trails with berms. They refuse to ride Expresso, they'd rather go down Pipeline or Ladies (which have tons of stuff they can't ride, or need me spotting them) because every time we ride there is one more feature they can ride, and they get a lot of satisfaction from that.

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