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July 23, 2021, 9:25 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Thanks David, So as you already hit on, the Sagma has a smaller profile and that could be better for descending. But, some riders may find they like how the wings of the SQ position then out of the saddle so even that’s not an absolute deciding factor. The cover materials on the Sagma are the best I’ve experienced but that’s not taking away from SQLabs quality/premium components and the 60X does have added protection at the wear points. (You know where I’m headed here) The Sagma has one shape/fit option in two sizes where the 14cm will make a lot of riders - but certainly not everyone - happy. I go back to sitting on a WTB Koda or even a Volt. If the Koda absolutely doesn’t work for you the Sagma won’t either. SQLab offers four sizes across multiple models. You probably want a 60X or 611 Active and it’s easy to figure out your size but they still _have_ a lot of options.  So yeah, the proof is of course in the riding. If you have a good local shop you deal with you can always send them a link to my nerdy little piece on [**saddle libraries**]( I really wish more shops would adopt such a program. Personally, I love the Sagma on my mountain bike but if I’m going to be sitting a long time the 611 Active is still my go-to. And despite being ~190lbs and riding it with no elastomer installed it’s still got great support.

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