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May 11, 2021, 9 a.m. -  blackhat

Single use, long shelf life products have their place and this is it. An emergency food source for when you get in over your head, or for a special situation when space is at a premium.   But if you know you’re going to consume 300 calories of carbs in the next 2 hours and it’s not a race or something then it’s just weird to be throwing down the most expensive, worst tasting, least healthy food available for the task. Side note: I became a much better rider when I stopped listening to the BS nutrition “experts” who act like we’ll come back as emaciated, bonked out concentration camp victims if we don’t eat every 30 minutes on a ride over 2 hours. They also assure us it’s totally impossible to have an insulin response while exercising. When I accepted what my body was telling me - that eating a gel was a guaranteed shortcut to a bonk - I could suddenly ride 4 and 5 hours with basically no problem.

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