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April 29, 2021, 3:54 a.m. -  Dan Lees

I ran into the Max Post insertion fighting the Max Drop issue when I built up my Banshee Prime V3. I worked it out on a spreadsheet as I didn't know the One-Up calculator existed. I came to the conclusion that I could either run a 150mm drop Brand-X Ascend for £112 including the lever or a 180mm One-Up (possibly shimmed down to 160 or 170 depending on how the bike felt with it's steeper SA than the old bike) for £180 (assuming I scavenge the lever from old spare post). I took the cheap option and it feels fine (especially as I have been running 100-125mm droppers on older steel frames up until now)  but I think when I trickle down this post to one of the kids it'll get replaced with a One-Up 180mm unit.

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