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April 19, 2021, 9:42 a.m. -  Trevor Hansen

I couldn't find any tests but I'm not sure how you would control for that unless you had a 27.5 and 29 with the exact same specs. The collective wisdom seems to be to put a 29" fork on a 27.5 bike and lower the fork travel instead of using a 27.5 wheel on a 29r.  I have 5 rides with a 27.5" wheel on the back of my Enduro using the Williams Racing mullet link and after a few adjustments to the shock I am loving it. If you can find an after market link for your Hightower I would recommend it. If not, try the stuff I did before swapping for the Williams link: seat forward, stem stack lower, BB in high. A Hightower with a mullet and 160 fork and that link that puts it to 148 would be a super fun bike.

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