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Jan. 5, 2021, 2:22 p.m. -  Znarf

I find that both the Maxxis Aggressor and the Dissector actually roll better than the e13 Semislick and offer a little more traction and lots of agility. The e13 is not a bad tire, but compared to a Super Gravity Rock Razor (which unfortunately doesnt exist in 29“) it is not really fast rolling. I really was a big semi slick fan until I rode the Dissector. Unfortunately I keep flatting Dissectors in Exo. DHR 2 WT 2.4 hold up great for me though, also EXO. ——- My guess for 2023: loads of E-MTBs and loads of trail wear by noobs not held back by leg fitness. By 2030 the industry will start to realize that bikers need trail access in order to have need for new bikes. Three big companies will set up a fund for e-mtb friendly trail networks but then Covid 47 will strike and Ivanka Trump will be the new queen of England, after marrying a freshly divorced English prince whom she met on a half sunk scottish Trump golf course at a anti-climate-change cup. She will claim to make the Comminwealth great again and vow to allow fracking on Mt Fromme and that the trails will need to be closed for all OR opened for motocross riding. And we will all have freaky implants to wirelessly connect with our carbon e-mtbs and their in-built social media accounts. Actually forget all that, but I think there will be lots of Sram GX AXS everywhere with great shifting but still non-adjustable clutches with too little resistance.

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