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Oct. 2, 2020, 12:19 p.m. -  Jcmonty

As one of those guys that got an ebike, but really wanted to just have a mtb that let me "do more" in the limited time I have,  I would  highly recommend checking out the Levo SL (or the next variant "enduro SL" whenever that  actually comes out).   I think that this type of bike is the future for those on the fence. Maneuvers like a mtb in most scenarios, and you still get plenty of support when you want it.  It's  not going to win drag races, but I always found the "turbo" or "boost" mode of most ebikes , not that practical or fun unless it's purely for a non-MTB experience. In terms of weight, you do get used to  the 50lb+ of heavier ebikes,  but it's definitely a different feel IMO.   On the SL  - I have no problem with it anywhere I would like to take it, and I prefer it on the DH and bike park (though mine is heavily modded 170mm Mezzer, Ext Storia  w/ Cascade Components link). YMMV  -  I am admirer from afar - San Diego - where ebikes are a plenty and roots are minimum.

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