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Oct. 4, 2019, 8:56 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Ha, I’m not riding any distance with a 6x pack - more getting a sense of volume. Most hip packs I’ve tried don’t fit me well and those that do I’m still conscious of packing light - for example if I need to carry a bladder or extra water in general it’s a backpack every time.  For the review I’ll break down my general contents. The rigid backplate of the Stealth is really helpful when tightening down the pack to carry a larger load. For that’s generally when I add my camera to my kit. As to the max size (4L) the only time I come close is riding to the pub with an extra layer and a good lock. Most the time I’m at maybe 1/4 capacity. The great thing with roll tops (this and  my Porcelain Rocket) is they shrink down great for small loads. Anything heavier than my regular kit + camera and I’m carrying a pack.

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