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Aug. 23, 2019, 9:14 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Fork offset is far from settled in the DH world and castings cost a lot of money. I’m surprised more companies aren’t offering multiple aftermarket crowns a la Öhlins - could sell a combo pack! The 29’er offset game is also all over the map at the bike nerd level but it’s pretty settled when buying a bike and Selva R 29” is available with 46mm or 51mm which covers the OE market. 46mm seems to have won for now whether it works better with a particular frame geometry or not. Lowers are a significant investment so I won’t hold my breath for a lower number. What offset are you looking for? I think the time is absolutely right for a company to start offering a front hub with multiple offset options - like Ride-9 for your front wheel. The ability to experiment back and forth removes the ‘I just bought this so it’s better’ factor and adjusting over a range instead of choosing between a few set numbers makes more sense for folks thinking that hard about offset. Free idea for any creative machinist that wants to get cracking.

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