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Oct. 18, 2018, 7:35 p.m. -  Andrew Major

There’s no argument DT makes a reliable product (and it’s high value at the 350 price point) if you’re happy with 20° (16t) or, depending on the application, 10° (36t) float between engagement points. I get that lots and lots of riders don’t care about hub engagement. Unfortunately, the 54t ratchets and the 36t ratchets for some applications, don’t live up to the reputation for durability and even then, unless we’re talking really budget product, I’m firmly in the instant to 3-degree engagement camp. On the flip side. I have lots of hours on the Vault hubs (review pending) and they’ve been excellent. Tool-free swapping between various end cap options, no proprietary tools, 3° engagement and I haven’t touched them since the initial teardown. I expect to clean and lube the pawls a couple times a year for how often I ride but it’s a tool-free <5-min job. Anyways, my overly hyperbolic point was simply meant to be that WR1 with Hope or I9 would be a more apples:apples comparison on price/performance.

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