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June 12, 2018, 9:10 a.m. -  Andy Eunson

Are so called rogue trails (other than ones constructed in a provincial park or something equally egregious) really a problem? Is the heavy hand of government simply a “come on strong, but actually act mild” type of thing? I can show you quite a number of off the maps trails in my home town but most get ridden very very little. The majority of riders are not interested in seeking out these secret trails that are constructed by and for the hard core.  There are certainly some lines created that should not have been because they exit on private property for example. Or in parks and private property. Doing that is asking for trouble. But way out in the boonies, don’t ask don’t tell seems to be the way. At some point I suppose that catches up as heat maps and word of mouth makes trails known and popular.  There seems to be a desire in this province and country to move away from a resource based economy to something else. Tourism is one of those other ways. Mountain bike tourists spend money like any other tourist and deserves as much support as any other attraction.  My knee jerk reaction when I hear my government come out all heavy handed is like most people’s. FOAD. Leave us alone we don’t need non mountain bikers telling us how to have fun. I wonder what has caused this issue to come up.

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