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March 14, 2018, 11:36 a.m. -  Andrew Major

Yep, legacy sizing for sure. Easier to form aluminum seat tubes in larger sizes now. But why fix what really ain’t broke? Re. 31.6 vs. 30.9\. Because choose a size and be a dick about it? In this corner Trek & Kona tag team against Specialized, Rocky Mountain, and Giant! Re. Reverb. If SRAM had only offered longer droppers in 34.9 they MAY have had the clout to drag other manufacturers and frame producers along. Maybe. But they didn’t so why would, for example, Rocky move away from using 30.9 on everything if they can buy a 170mm Reverb in their chosen size. The other side is, it’s 2018 and, with the possible exception of OE sales above a certain price point, the Reverb isn’t the best dropper post by any metric. There are lots of great options without having to go 34.9 if the longest Reverbs were only available on that size.

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