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Jan. 5, 2018, 10:18 p.m. -  jaydubmah

@T-Mack: I would have to echo your sentiments on Pole's customer service. Every email I sent them, I got timely candid replies - and ditto, they won my business. When it came to pricing, it wasn't much more than boutique frames from Santa Cruz , etc and I'm willing to take the risk and support something from a small player doing something innovative. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, I can appreciate (or nerd out) on tons of the design elements here. Material finish and hardness, the multiple bottle mounts, super modern geo, creative shock mount approach, etc.  From a shock-mount perspective, it's no different than how a wheel is mounted to a Cannondale Lefty fork. I'm not a fan of the Lefty, but I've never heard of a hub / fork interface issue. As for swingarm replacement, etc - it's probably on the same order of cost as carbon, and Pole's customer service seems legit. After my last few bikes being incrementally better than the prior one, I'm keen to check out a brave leap forward on design and execution.

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