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Dec. 5, 2014, 8:42 a.m. -  NatBrown

#!markdown For sure, it's only the acknowledgement of other people that's mandatory in my view. People should otherwise be free to keep to themselves if they prefer. And I totally agree that introversion is commonly disrespected, though that's a bigger discussion. As for assertions (by others) that STRAVA makes people assholes, I'd say a lot of people don't have their eye on the ball with that. It's a timing and tracking app that allows for comparison with others, nothing more. Of course some assholes take it too far and it facilitates their shitty behaviour, but some assholes don't use it (and they're still assholes) and some people who aren't assholes use it (and you wouldn't even know it out on the trail). Is that too complicated to understand?

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