I love cars too and I always watch those car racing drivers reviewing the latest Lamborghini with 800hp vs the latest McClaren with 900 hp. They say the rigidity, torsion of the chassis, bla bla bla, this one is 0.1 milliseconds faster, bla bla bla and I think, not a lot of mortals will notice any difference at all. The same with Carbon vs Alu wheels. I just went thru the process/research in order to get a new wheelset and the obvious question came out: Carbon vs Alu. I decided to go for an Industry nine enduro set. Why? Well, they are cheaper than carbon, 200grs heavier but super rigid, excelent hub and exquisite quality. Most of the reviews and videos that I've seen say that carbon is better but you don't really need it. Pro riders are a different beast, they do need them. Do you need a 1001hp Bugatti Veyron to go to work?. I understand the luxury stuff and agree, but come on, how many of us, mortal riders need to spend 3k on wheels.
What pisses me off, is that companies are just taking advantage of the buyers and charging ridiculous prices for some items. We are taking about spending almost 3k on a set of carbon wheels, where for 3k you can buy a complete Santa Cruz carbon bike. Doesn't make sense. My next wheelset would probably be carbon though. LOL