Few points, but I totally agree.

1) I think trails just never kept up with the technology. The hard ones were built when 3 inches suspension was the norm, but now a ten year old can come in and completely roll a trail like pink starfish with his eyes closed.

2) when all the trails were originally built, they were hated by the district, and we were hated by the district. I Don't want to undermine what the community has done over the last 2 decades to build a huge trust between the riders, community and city, but I feel like that trust was built the green and blue runs, and trying to make it for everybody. Don't get me wrong, thats a great thing, but there is no investment into the higher skill set. Maybe I'm a bit out of touch, because it could have been done, but when was the last time a drop or stunt was built where it didn't have a "easy way out" work around?

I get that we can't just go around making 20ft high, 4″ wide, 100ft, . long skinnies and cliff drops, but there hasn't been anything built in soooo long thats even remotely challenging.

3) Fuck it. lets rebuild flying circus type trails, and trails with… dare I say… GAPS!? Between the JUMPS?! GASP