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Dirty In One Minute Thirty - Feb. 25, 2016, 1:59 a.m.

The amount of control Atwill has in such greasy conditions is just mind boggling! Taking the p1ss kinda levels of grip!

Follow Brendog Down New UK Trail - Oct. 23, 2015, 4:26 a.m.

"Have we been misled about the trails in the UK? This one looks pretty damned good!"

đŸ˜‰ The answer to "what is the best trail in the UK" is always "Swindon behind the Nationwide"

Open Letter to Steve Romaniuk - Oct. 22, 2015, 4:46 a.m.

I love Rampage but find it a bit soulless in the current format. It is a different beast to Romo's day. Now you have a live TV schedule to keep and FMB points on offer creating unnecessary pressure to be riding for someone else's agenda and taking away from the original format.

Romo's message seems to be that there will always be risk takers and the reward for these guys (and gals!) will be worth it however crazy it looks. I'm all for crazy people pushing the boundaries but the real issue Cam Z and others seem to be raising is that it isn't something they feel they have the same control over as they once did- it's all got a bit out of hand and dare I say it, "corporate". That's not an issue of money or insurance or judging or any specifics like that…. just that there are added risks and pressures now Rampage is less rider led.

The Live TV aspect has to go and the riders have to shape the event again. It should be a standalone showcase of "the crazies" riding and passion, i.e. no FMB points. It will always be nigh on impossible to appreciate what you are watching so that lack of Live coverage could open up more of a "lifestyle" and "behind the scene media coverage" a bit like Nine Knights perhaps. It has been said a ton of times but I really believe Rampage needs a looser time format. The live format puts way too much pressure on the build and riders adding unnecessary risk. It sounds like FEST but that isn't what I have in mind. Rampage can exist as a "competition" and will always be stressful for the riders so I guess the message is, why add to it?

Another thing to consider is how it may affect the riders to "back out" under such pressure. I can't believe it is a simple as don't ride if you don't want to. Again, maybe in Romo's day, but this is the FMB, Live TV era. Pilgrim got no end of abuse for deciding to sit out the X-Games finals due to wind (and his confidence the next season to a massive hammering) and Benderoni (the crazy Russian dude) has only just got on a bike again since showing up to Rampage after a good media following and being over-whelmed.

I fear these guys feel they are no longer really doing it for themselves at Rampage and I think this is the main issue to be addressed. Maybe some better placed people could comment?

3 comments found

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