Ireland's No1 Mountain Bike Park and Uplift Service.Experience the thrill of a gravity fed mountain bike park. Bike Park Ireland offers everyone from beginners to pros an action- packed day out. Situated in North Tipperary.Any park that is free to ride has got to be in with a shout. But the fact that Tinges Bike Park offers so much for so little, or rather for nothing, means that it’s a shoe-in for the top 10. With professionally developed trails by Yannick and the Bike Solutions gang, huge vertical, quiet lifts and generally stunning scenery, Tinges is a location with a steadily increasing reputation. They are also embracing the rapidly growing Endure scene with a few dedicated trails to add to their DH portfolio. With relatively quiet lift queues and miles of awesome trails, Tignes has to potential to go even further.

Pretty sure Silver star now has a storage option at their on site shop, give them a call to verify. The whole mountain is pretty pro-mountain biking so you shouldn't have an issue. Would be a good option if you want to leave the mountain to hit the lakes.