Saint/Zee vs. Magura MT7/MT5 : mini review

Just thought I'd throw my $.02 in here on these stoppers. I'm a XC/Trail rider with point to point in mind mostly, the latter point always has beer. Current bike is a trail-ish RM Altitude Rally and was purchased a few months used from a Shimano rep so outfitted with full XTR kit including their Trail version brakes.

I had no reason to change them out. Sure they have the normal Shimano "pump up" needed after not being used a couple of hours but not nearly as noticeable as my XT's or older SLX's. I attended a fundraiser for our local trail club and won a raffle which included a set of the MT-5 brakes. Again-I didn't need them but I was curious. This past 4 day riding weekend in Pisgah National Forest had my rear tire consistently cleaning out the crack to my shorts with some steep descents. I'm well versed with bike maintenance/tech and shortened the lines and bled the brakes in a matter of minutes. The pad break-in was basically me screaming down the first drop knowing I forgot something…

One finger finesse operation. My hands were relaxed at the end of each day compared to any other day of this much vert and did I mention modulation? The front brake if I pulled to the bar would catapult you into the next valley and the rear was completely under control if I wanted to break loose to slide(Maxxis Aggressors) or find that sweet spot right before release and rail it. I'm sold. So sold I gave my buddy my XTR's for dinner and drinks. Now to stock up on some Royal Blood and pads. Cheers

BTW - kudos to Magura for not only a great product but very easy to install and adjust. Whomever said "AK-47" of brakes was right. At first I felt like my bike was a bit less attractive.. then I stopped.