My name is Spela Horvat (21) and I'm a young downhill racer from Slovenia, Europe. My dream is to become a proffessional world cup racer and a european downhill champion. I race all IXS european cups and two World cups in Europe, because I can't afford to ride more World cups. My goal is to ride as much World Cups as possible and some day also come to USA and Canada to race World Cups.

With buying my uniqe MTB T-shirt, with my own design, you can help me raise money for the upcoming downhill season in 2015. T-shirt is made of comfortable cotton and the slogan on it says it all: the power of the trail.

Link to the T-shirt: https://fabrily.com/mtb-tshirt-the-power-of-the-trail

…you can also visit my Facebook athlete page and watch me follow my dream of becoming a proffessional DH racer: https://www.facebook.com/HorvatRacing

Thank you

Yours Sincerely,

Spela Horvat