This morning I saw Todd and he was out of character for someone I've known for 20 odd years! Always a great person to run into on the trails and definitely someone to shoot the shit with.
That said! His trail, his doing ,so STFU!! He's been at this trail building shit for over 30 years from what I can recall so people need to show some respect. He doesn't come on these forums for a reason. Figure that out.
NSMBA should only have trail builders that ride build trails? That comment is the biggest douche bag shit I've ever heard. How long have you been building trails, riding? WTF!!
I certainly hope that Ladies continues to be one of the North Shores old school fun trails to ride. Does anyone remember when there was no entrance to the trail? Aging myself but so what.
I do understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions but sometimes people need to think before they speak/write!