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Jan. 26, 2011, 1:53 p.m.
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Having kids and riding...

There's so many things ringing true to me here I've just gotta cut out snippets to even begin to cover it…

It all boils down to your other half.

Hell yeah. I'm so glad my wife is so supportive of my riding. Although is she wasn't it would be a different story anyway!

it gets alot easier as your kids get older. they baby - 5 years old are pretty time consuming, especially when you have more than one….

That is good to hear! I can't wait to be able to ride with my son, too…although I'm loving every minute of every stage.

My wife sees that I need to get out, even though she's pretty much attached to my son 24/7 for now, and she's overall really great about it all…

Man I'm right there with you on sooo much of that whole post (except for always being cautious, I'm a slow learner on that one!

…have learned how much I enjoy doing a familiar run at my own pace with no obligations to sweep or catch up….

one of the biggest reasons I love solo rides. That and just listening to music and not having to say a word and just be alone with my thoughts. riding, especially head down climbing or hiking up is some of my best mental creative time.

…hard solo efforts and optimizing every second on the bike….

…many injuries over the years have forced my hand on this one. I now gravitate more towards the epic rides (7 Summits) than the shuttle and drop variety, or the out and back XC loops with a bit of gnar thrown in.

again, I can totally relate! Yeah all I need is a little gnar thrown in to keep it interesting now! Thanks for posting.

It's kind of funny, when one gets clear instructions from a three year old- " Daddy, go ride your bike."

Oh man…I would love to hear that one day from my kid!!!

…Going big no longer interests me but maintaining "flow" seems to be a never ending mission.

YES! Exactly, you can still push yourself, just shift the focus. Silky smooth trail riding beats balls out hucks for sure.

Thanks again to all you guys and girls. This has been awesome to hear and talk about!

Jan. 26, 2011, 2:58 a.m.
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Having kids and riding...

Wow…awesome, I've never read every word of so many great replies.

I've been looking forward to parenthood and still wondering how it'll affect my life for a while, so it's cool to hear so many perspectives and common themes like time and risk management, a good relationship, priorities and attitude.

I definitely love riding solo and it sounds like this is going to be key when sneaking rides in is even harder. I[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;ll definitely try and plan around nap time, if that day ever comes, ha ha. I hope I can make time for longer rides and whistler days but we[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;ll see. It may be a few runs here and there…the first few are the best anyway though!

I[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;ve had trouble with the risk management part in the past but as a result of a pretty serious injury my very first ride after my son was born, I've finally decided it's time to stop putting myself in harms way so much. It was brutal timing but I took some positives out of it. I've laid down some new ground rules for myself and I'm going to commit to them. I don[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;t want to regress either, but I guess I'll have to find a balance that leans towards safety. A risk/reward ratio shift as xy9ine said…And yeah, having kids is the best reason I can think of! This decision seems to have relaxed me as well, I think I can finally get the progression monkey off my back!

Heavy Pedal - If you still want to check stuff off before it haunts you forever, I totally get it, and more power to you! I[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;ll send you good vibes and just be sure you[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;re dialed before you send it! Good luck, bud!!!

My wife gets the riding thing too, she knows it's a huge part of what makes me who I am so she really supports it. She[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;s also an awesome mom so far and that will do a lot to keep the family running smoothly. She doesn't ride regularly, so we don[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;t have the drawback of not riding together, which I can see being a huge downer for those of you that do. It[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;s cool that some of you have gotten into, or your significant others into riding after the kids so maybe down the road riding could be a family thing, which would be awesome. It's also cool to hear some of your kids are already so into it! I don[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;t want to be a hockey dad, but it would be pretty incredible if my son and I could ride together some day.

Then there[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;s the whole other point of having different kinds of fun. Even just taking care of the baby is totally fun no matter what it is and I know there[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;s lots more where that came from so I[HTML_REMOVED]#8217;m psyched for that too!

Thanks for chiming in everyone, this has been great to hear! Keep it goin…

Jan. 25, 2011, 1:47 p.m.
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Having kids and riding...

Hey so, long time lurker first time poster. I thought I'd throw this topic out on the boards…I know there's a post yer rippers thread, but I wanted more of a conversation on how having kids has affected people's riding.

So…how has having kids changed your riding? There's the obvious having less time and energy thing, but what other ways has it changed things for you?

For me right now I'm wrestling with backing down from stuff I know I can do, or want to do and trying to be more sensible and responsible now that I'm a new dad. I'm also finding that I'm enjoying just getting out in the woods more to relax and get away from it all.

Any thoughts?

Jan. 25, 2011, 1:31 p.m.
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