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Jan. 24, 2003, 1:52 p.m.
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which truck would you guys get?

A friend of and his dad both have mazdas and they seem to go forever with a little regular maintenance. Way cheeper insurance and gas too.

Jan. 20, 2003, 11:17 p.m.
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Riders Choice Awards- We need your nominations.

1. Best Free Rider for 2002 - Wade Simmons
2. Best Street Rider for 2002 - Donahue
3. Best DH Rider for 2002 - Steve Peat
4. Best Female Rider for 2002 - Anne Carro
7. Best Bro Rider for 2002 -
8. Overall Best Rider for 2002 - Wade Simmons
9. Best Up and Coming Rider, Newcomer for 2002 - Darren Berrecloth

1. Best Biking Film for 2002 - nwd3
2. Best Cinematography for a Film 2002- nwd3
3. Best Music in a Film 2002- nwd3
4. Best Film Segment for a Rider 2002 - sam brown/nwd3
5. Best MTB TV Show for 2002 - dropin
6. Best new players film 2002 - pist-n-broke
7. Best Sequel for a Film in 2002 - nwd3

1. Best Bike Shop for Service and Support in 2002 -
2. Best Local Trail for 2002- Puckered Starfish (Nanaimo)
3. Best Individual Contribution for our Sport in 2002 - Eric Fox
4. Best NSMB Board Member for contribution in 2002 - Pip (recognition to all who keep it runnin!)
5. Best MTB Article for the Year 2002-

1. Best Free Ride Bike for 2002 - Norco Shore
2. Best Street Bike for 2002 - Le Toy III
3. Best DH Bike for 2002 - Santa Cruz V-10
4. Best Fork Design for 2002 - Dorado
5. Best New MTB Product for 2002 - Shermans (Evil Ring guard sweet too)

Jan. 17, 2003, 5:10 p.m.
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Newbies on da shore......

No helmet- NO RIDE! Tell him BLUNT BOY said so. If he wants to break his bike, that's his business. ;)

Dec. 22, 2002, 8:02 p.m.
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the usa gov't is evil

The US blames these "arab terriorist" for the trade center attacks. Can anyone explain why the stock of one of the airlines that hit the tower PLUMMETED two days before the attacks and no other airline stocks moved. You know how many had to know something was up for that to happen. Those poor New York people were SACRIFICED so that the US could get there grimy little paws on more oil. I have met many great American people and don't put them all in the same little box, but the majority of the population down there follow with blind nationalism. Granted that your news and media NEVER give you the full story and relies on the fear factor. Y'all notice how many times TRUE LIES with the eastern terriorist has been on TV the last few months. Four by my count. I bet they are real scared down there. Baby Bush is just continuing daddy's work to expand the Texas oil empire. If this kind of attitude prevails in the states they will be coming for our WATER next. It's really unfortunate that a country with as much potential to do good sacrifices and terrifies it's populace so that they will have the needed backing to feed the mighty SUV. The US has very little respect internationally for good reason. Open your eyes and don't follow so blindly. That being said anyone who rides and has an open mind is a brother or sista of mine.

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