I for one still love my Hammershizzle.  Looking forward to a little snowfall to use the semi-fat Six-Pack to its full entertainment potential.  This bike was my primary for 5 years or so and I disassembled and re-greased the Hammer after around 3 years of all-season use.  Innards/grease still looked pristine.  Oh, and I probably shouldn't jinx myself, but I'm on my original BB.

With the combination of the HS up front and 6 cogs on a single speed hub in the rear my driveline lifespan is at least triple what I get out of XTR 1x11 with its cross-chaining BS* on another bike.  ...and the XTR has never seen conditions as nasty as what the Hammer routinely saw.

(*And that's with my BB offset non-drive and my 1x front chainring spaced way inboards to give the chain a straighter shot at the low cogs)