Wade's Wisdom: What are Your Pet Peeves?

Oh my god you just served me this on a silver platter. As an immigrant from Europe the pet peeves that you mentioned and deeply burned into my core.


Yes please, I want a espresso. I already took a shower this morning so don't gave me that huge tank of water that you could coffee and don't charge me as if I was buying the entire coffee truck.


1) Speed limit
Wade's dad, sorry but you are not right. Even if you are respecting the speed limit the left lanes are design for passing another cars, even if this means to exceed the speed limit what is totally legal if you pass a car and then go back to the limit AND the right lane. If you don't believe me read the manual, I had to do it when I got here.
2) Round About
This is NOT an intersection, so if you are coming from the right you HAVE to wait, the one inside the round about have the right to go. You don't believe me? Ask your body shopper about it when you are paying the reparation from your own pocket because ICBC (cough… we all love them) told you you were wrong.
3) Huge SUV.
There it is, in front of me on the right lane, I'm going to pass that huge SUV and… what the f*ck is he doing? How come he changed to the left lane right when I'm going to pass him [HTML_REMOVED]:( I finally manage to pass the SUV and… this can't be real man, another Chinese lady that bought the biggest car she could find to be save and doesn't look at the mirrors when changing lanes. Sure she is safe, but not the rest of us.
4) Motorbikes
Are you kidding me? I get a motorbike to help traffic and I can't pass between car when there is a congestion and I also have to drive as if I was another car? You ICBC guys should do a trip to Europe or Asia, or any other place in the world that is not USA.
5)…. puff this is going to a not end story, so let's cut it here.


Writing is always dangerous because is hard to express emotion and readers can take the worst of you. My apologize if I offend anybody. I love Vancouver, I love Canada, and I love my live here. Sure there are things you always will complain about it, but that doesn't make you what you are. And not I'm not racist, so don't try to create a huge deal about the Chinese lady, as I said I'm an immigrant too :)