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Oct. 30, 2008, 4:22 a.m.
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Squamish Death Lap 2009

i propose a friendly race-ish mega-lap in squamish that would cover (some of) the best of the technical riding, all linked together in 1 or 2 long pedally days.

was thinking of a point-to-point ride from cat lake, through alice lake, the highlands, and ending in valleycliffe.

for example, the course could include (in approx order):
cheshire cat, then across alice lake to crouching monkey, credit line, value added, and marc my word. then pedal over to diamondhead area to ride (my new trail), deliverance, gold, plunge, crumpet to fartherside, up pipe trail, then down labor of love and dope slope to finish.

the only crap (ie. road riding) would be getting from the top of perth over to diamondhead area - no big deal, just a quick pedal through the university and up ring creek a bit.

the whole route would be 8-12 hrs i think, not too sure. could be run kind of like the samurai, where most people take 2 days to ride it all. definitely an intense ride, you'd have to hate yourself a bit to want to do this. sounds fun to me.

september 2009?

Sept. 25, 2008, 11:48 p.m.
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Bottoming my Fox Van36 R.........a lot!

you don't need a heavier spring.
you need to have the comp cart bled properly by james at suspensionwerx. when your 36 or 40 starts getting linear, its time to service it.

2282 posts found

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