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Santa Cruz Ebikes? Interview with Seb Kemp of SCB - March 27, 2020, 8:59 a.m.

Agree people were trying to hide them, i guess from embarassment, I was never embarrassed. But there is a lot of shaming by riders, which is odd, as most of them are parents and would not like their kid being shamed at school, heck they even wear pink shirts for that. I remember when pat from Norco told me that you would not be able to tell their new bike was an e-bike(before vlt was released) I was passed that, as people know when your going as fast as you are with a high cadence. I will say that one reason that has slowed some people to an e-mtb is the shaming or people who feel the need to question someone else decision. Things that would be viewed as very wrong to do in any other sporting arena, and quite sad really. But this is slowly going away as more people try them and ride them and the smiles they give, much like what any sport gives you.

Santa Cruz Ebikes? Interview with Seb Kemp of SCB - March 27, 2020, 8:24 a.m.

They all work very similar and range is based off of your cadence, power and fitness. The motor works off of your cadence and torque. For instance if you put your gearing in the smallest cog and try and climb up fromme access road, you will get zero help from the motor, you actually need to be in the right gear to give you proper cadence which is 85-110. The higher you cadence and power the less the torque on the motor hence a longer lasting battery. I personally ride in boost all the time and get between 24-26km on a battery. This is about an hour an 1hr 15-25 min of riding or what would be done in 3 hrs. Example would be ride from Highlands across carpenter Bridge, up the plunge to somewhere over there, down, back up the plunge to hoods and down back home 21km in boost 2 bars left 52 minutes, I have done two laps of somewhere over there and one on hoods same ride and battery went red on my way down the university hill. Or I can take two batteries and ride from Highlands, to 7km on sea 2 sky gondi road, drop one battery, ride up to hanging gardens, down and back to road and up to top of gondi, have a coffee, new battery in and then ride pixie, and mischief and rogue all the way back down through crumpit to coffee at counterpart and home with 3 bars left on 2nd battery 44km and 2.5 hours.

Santa Cruz Ebikes? Interview with Seb Kemp of SCB - March 27, 2020, 8:13 a.m.

As someone who did a lot of  acoustic ride, trials rides and moto enduro's, you have to think differently. These are different but mostly like acoustic mountain biking. So good in fact I have sold my moto, and my trials, after riding those over 12 years. I just can't get enough of the e-mtb, 7500km of single track last spring summer, and rarely ever a road, or an acoustic climbing trail. :)

Santa Cruz Ebikes? Interview with Seb Kemp of SCB - March 27, 2020, 8:06 a.m.

I just sold one with 3500km on the shimano mid range drive train that worked perfectly still(and still does according to the new owner), what you might not realize is efficiency is everything, if you are smooth and efficient riding around and when shifting you don't wear stuff as much as when your struggling and grinding. Since I climb up super tech trails I do need to grab a gear every now and then, however these are designed to make you more efficient, and they work! This is 11 spd. Also all Shimano components are e-bike spec'd, I have over 16,000km of riding the devinci's and have not broken a chain or anything yet. Again you have to ride one to experience one, dreaming up negative's does not really work, as if they were true, you would hear about them. Happy Riding!

Seven: The BC Bike Race Movie - June 28, 2014, 9:20 a.m.

Just J the type of bike varies on how you want to do the race. Right now if you want to win it is a very light 29R many hard tails and some light 29 flu suspensions. If you want to enjoy it then a race endure bike will be suffice. Just make sure that you have a bike or the skills to make a lighter bike stand up to the abuse a mtb takes over 300km of hard riding. To me the perfect bike for doing as best you can and enjoying the race is a 25-28 pound full suspension, probably 29R with a seat dropper and a few change of tires (bigger for harder stages like north shore and lighter for longer dry days) No matter what bike you bring, you will have a blast. dave norona - on course movie maker

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