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All the Small Things #2 - June 10, 2021, 12:16 p.m.

Pete looks like he's still trying to figure out how walking onto the ferry works.

I prefer the Vistas over the Air Pods but wish they came in better colours than Black and Green. Have had one drop out on a trail. The Find My Buds feature doesn't really work accurately so took I awhile of searching to find it.

Dreaming Up Mountain Bike Lines - April 7, 2021, 10:17 a.m.

Yak Peak?

Free Your Junk (and Ditch your Chamois) - Aug. 29, 2020, 8:52 p.m.

ironically it looks like BN3TH is about to release a chamois'd boxer brief this week. 

for short rides and park I've been going sans pad lately but no way on longer rides. Like everything there are variety options and i think most people's experience with a mtb chamois is the cheap foam liner one that comes with a pair of shorts. lots of good options for a better chamois are out there now.

Behind the Brand: NF - March 5, 2020, 7:30 p.m.

" As trail builders, this is the first time we have ever gotten anything. As a result, I am super happy to support the brand, and stoked that they recognize the contributions of builders (most brands do not)."

well except for the original 7mesh jacket you, Ted T and Gary McFarlane all got from them for the work you've all done on Squamish trails.

2-Minute Expert: How Gore-Tex Works - Jan. 29, 2020, 10:09 a.m.

Water can touch the membrane, the new Shakedry fabric as the membrane exposed but it's more susceptible to damage without a face fabric.

Uncle Dave Tackles the Vista Outdoor Debate - March 6, 2018, 7:36 p.m.

If you're into podcasts listen to More Perfect : The Gun Show -

Amongst a few things it talks about how the Black Panthers actually brought the 2nd Amendment to the forefront when they realized they could carry guns to police the police.  The history of the NRA segment is interesting as well

7mesh Guardian Jacket in the Wet - Nov. 20, 2017, 9:35 p.m.

There will be but for a variety of reasons it won't be coming out until next Fall.

7mesh Guardian Jacket in the Wet - Nov. 20, 2017, 3:53 p.m.

Those numbers are pretty accurate.  We (7mesh) don't list the ratings as we actually have never been able to get them from Gore-Tex (officially). Gore believes the ratings don't reflect real world usage (and anything over 10,000 is considered waterproof so 30,000 doesn't make it 3x as waterproof). Their focus is on durability of waterproofness, not just out-of-the-box - so they don't like the lab game where everyone uses a test that gives them a nice number, but it often doesn't hold up in the real world of rain/snow/dirt/oil/contaminants etc.

This is a good resource regarding waterproof fabrics -

7mesh Guardian Jacket in the Wet - Nov. 20, 2017, 3:39 p.m.

Even though we can't be as active in conversations as we like sometimes we still are very open to hearing people's thoughts on product - good and especially the bad ones. The redesign of the Revelation came out of listening to riders concerns regarding the length and the fit around the hips while the Guardian was designed for the riders asking for an over-the-helmet. Glad you're liking the Revo Shorts!

OWN FR-01 Shoe Review - Feb. 2, 2017, 2:17 p.m.

hmmm. not too sure about that. but the timing is fuzzy for me on when Arc started the footwear project

Bas Keep: Walls - Jan. 17, 2017, 5:21 p.m.

Jesus wear a helmet. How many bmxers in the name of being cool have wrecked themselves?. I know a guy who took a slam and can no longer taste. Recognize kids are influenced by these videos. He wasn't wearing a helmet in half of the vid.

2017 Trek Slash 9.9 First Impressions - Nov. 10, 2016, 7:38 p.m.

11 grand? F off. I'll go buy a dirt bike and take a European vacation instead.

4 Reasons to run OneUp Shark - Oct. 20, 2016, 12:48 p.m.

Sure, but huge cogs require the material to be faster wearing aluminum. Smaller diameter steel cogs are still longer wearing than these big aluminum pieplates.

What Development Has Benefitted Riders Most? - Sept. 26, 2016, 9:39 a.m.

I have two bikes, a 26er and 650b. I go back and forth between them and yes the 650b rolls a bit better but nothing revolutionary. The difference is a half inch on the radius, fart-all. I think the industry finally revising the old school thinking of geometry has been a huge benefit. For decades a medium bike had a 23″ top tube and nobody challenged that.

NSMB at Interbike 2016 - Sept. 20, 2016, 6:56 p.m.

they had it at Eurobike but maybe that was the only one

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