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Gambling on the Retrogrouch - Shimano XT LinkGlide M8130 - Feb. 23, 2023, 9:26 a.m.

At first glance, I thought this news of a longer lasting Shimano drivetrain was great.  However looking closer, I think they’ve missed the mark.  They should have offered this new drivetrain with a microspline option.  

HG drivers are not robust enough to handle the longevity of the cassettes.  Back before 12 speed, I was always having to file down the burrs on HG freehub bodies where the smaller cogs had left gouges.  On a few occasions, I had a lot of trouble removing the cassette.  If these new cassettes are supposed to last longer, they’re going to leave even larger gouges before they’re eventually removed.  I believe many people will have to replace their freehub body at the same time as their cassettes as they’ll essentially be fused together.  I haven’t noticed this problem with microspline, likely due to the forces being distributed over more contact points.


I’m a long time NSMB lurker, but just  signed up to this website to post about the super DH because I feel strongly that for the riding around sea to sky, full face helmets make so much sense.  We all must know people who have had terrible outcomes from bike crashes.  I live in Squamish and for me and everyone in my house, full face helmets are required for all rides.  

I wear a thin elastic belt around my waist.  The chin bar of the super DH clips on easily, hanging off my left hip until I get to the trailhead.  This is true for little tips and 1400m climbs.  Doesn’t bother me at all and I can skip the dreaded pack.  The Super air R chin does not clip on so easily because it’s not a full circle.  For this reason alone the super DH wins.   It’s easier to use without a pack.

2 comments found

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